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  1. Mortar ship good thing? remove peace phase?
  2. Mortar ship? what a joke, imagine being a small company in a small island, it's all ok, you managed to have your island even when now there's less claimable, and you managed to defend it somehow even being outnumbered, how are you supposed to defend an island, when they can mortar almost the whole island, in small island case? it makes 0 sense in my opinion, and in naval battles it's pointless, nobody stays still in naval battles, so it's just a weapon for griefers or megas that wants an easy way to have more islands. Just think it a bit, you'll find it's senseless.
  3. Use the logic, what is best, 7 horses with cannons using barrels or 2? 1 boat or 3? something that just deals more dmg helps in making things faster, the more people, the faster, I could buy you a surprise attack, that would be the cool thing for small companies, but in a fair fight, the bigger companies just break things faster
  4. Your own npcs can damage your own structures in peace time, so submarine griefing harbours in peacetime is something real and annoying if you have cannons in your defense, I would call it somehow exploit, only way to stop that is to turn off every cannon in peace time, or putting walls around the harbour, which is annoying to take the boats out, some kind of dirty cold war out there.
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