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  1. Please assist Nitrado in fixing the black map for crossplay servers. They have been broken since May 28th, there is an issue between home server and expansion servers. Thank you kindly
  2. Could you please assist Nitrado with their hosting setup. Our crossplay servers have had black maps when logging out since May 27th where the update to both jpg and png image files started. They can't seem to fix the issue so maybe you could help them. Thank you kindly
  3. Is there an updated SGE that Nitrado crossplay servers can use? We still have broken maps and it's been a minute.
  4. On behalf of all Unofficial Nitrado Crossplay servers, the game is unplayable at this stage. Some of us have found fixes for the exporting of the images from the new SGE but once installed players lose their in game maps once they log out. Players then need to go back to the A1 grid to try to get it working. Sometimes it works and other times it does not. When players don't have their in game map working the game crashes every time they open it. All the players who were currently enjoying their unofficial servers are becoming more and more frustrated. Please issue a fix in a timely manner to avoid more player loss and to alleviate the burden on unofficial server owners. At the very least let us know your aware of the problem and are working on a fix so those who have remained loyal to this game still have hope. Thank you kindly
  5. Can you please clarify for the Nitrado Unofficial crossplay servers what images need to be JPG or PNG? This SGE does not allow for export of anything other than JPG even when it's selected PNG. Currently Nitrado does not accept any other format then PNG. When speaking with Nitrado they are not sure what formula the servers require to get our maps back up and running. Seems alot of us are left in the dark and it would be very helpful if we could get more information. Thank you kindly
  6. All the banks on the seaforts continuosly crash xbox players. Not sure why but I'm hoping they have a fix soon!
  7. I also am looking for this info, to my current knowledge the control points are just put onto the map where you would like them and then add the coding from the patch notes to your json file. However I have not tested them yet nor do I know what the ships with gold island is for or why it's a separate island? I thought it would just be an addition to the freeport ship builder. If anyone has better understanding of the new additions please let me know cheers
  8. Thank you Devs for your communication this past week. It is greatly appreciated. I did have a couple questions though in regards to the trade system. Will the trade system only revolve around the trading of island resources or will players be able to trade blueprints, weapons/armor, and tames as well in the market? And are these tradeships just auto generated or would they need to be created and possibly loaded/unloaded by the players? Thank you kindly and keep up the good work cheers
  9. This is a great game and has so much potential. I'd love to see the current stability improved as well as much more content to keep pirates engaged. However, I think the biggest improvement that can be made sooner than later is communication. The forums and twitter feed are littered with requests for answers or pleas of acknowledgement. Simple updates on what the devs are currently working on or that they at the very least hear their patriotic community would go a far way to easing players minds. If the players feel like the devs have given up then it's only a matter of time until the players give up as well. I think the devs have done a good job but could definitely strive towards doing better on their public relations aspect. Just my opinion and look forward to seeing what is in the future from this game. Here's to hope
  10. Cheat gfi launcher 1 150 0
  11. (FRESH WIPE) The Coastal Escape is a custom 25 grid map complete with all quests and endgame content. We offer a boosted server with harvesting at x10, taming at x50 and xp at x10. Join our Discord to take advantage of all our daily giveaways, find info on the custom map and to join in on all the player events. (Discord.gg/thecoastalescape) If your looking for a friendly community to enjoy playing Atlas on then come and try The Coastal Escape!
  12. Ahoy Pirates! If you have been looking into setting up a small custom map server or creating a large custom map community server than you have probably ran across the same issues I did when starting out. Finding information or assistance was very difficult for me. Well I am here to help you out. If you need any assistance in creating a custom map on Nitrado servers feel free to reach out to me and I will assist where I can. Cheers
  13. Hi guys, I'm running a 20 grid server on Nitrado and for some reason the ship frames throughout the map are not despawning. Anyone have this issue and what do I need to do to fix it? Thanks
  14. Hello, I am looking for help with my custom json file. I've created my map and put in all the information as far as I know but when I upload my 12 grids json file I only have four nitrado servers linked. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
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