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  1. Me and my crew really jist want the optimization to be main priority. As of now we have stopped playing beaides feedin crew n animals n resetting the timers. None of us can do anything anywhere in the game without immense lag and disconnects. We have been very lucky to not have had any sunkens ships yet. Once the lag is resolved or at least more tolerable then im ready to play more. I really love this game and i cannot wait to play it without gettin headaches from rubberbanding and screen tearing.
  2. Will there ever be an option to seat and unseat crew from cannons and sails from the wheel from radial menu? Like if i sink a SOTD and recuit 5 crew and get them on board, i would like to jump on wheel and use radial menu to toggle man cannons and all free crew jump on any unmanned cannons on ship or same for sails and other unmanned stations. Instead of having to drag crew up n down galleon to respectful places.
  3. Lol updates been out lil over a day and everyones crying. No wonder the player base is so toxic. You ppl literally cry iver EVERYTHING!!!! Spamming the forums with pointless and non sensible rage make zero sense. Ive literally watched the forums be raided by crying children for over a year. Yet you are STILL here so grow the hell up. You ALREADY know how the games going to progress. Post your dam bugs and complaints in a manner beffiting of a mature human being and POSSIBLY just POSSIBLY the community devs might be willing to update you. If i was the developer id give 2 fucks abt this community. All you have done is bi#%h and moan for over a year bashing the very company creating the game YOUR crybaby a$$ ppl are playing. God help me im surrounded by stupid!
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