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  1. By Midgaard, don’t touch the tames,.. rule: don’t fix things that works when you have things that does not work use GOLD to run those farmhouses and warehouses. How about 2goldcoins per hour? I use them to make cannonballs so I want my coal!
  2. Add another currency only obtainable if you pay for it with real money. Start adding cool visual content and special stuff we can buy with that currency. Or, make it so u need a 3 month pass or something to join the game. Start make some money guys or the game dies. Or next season it will run a 4x4 grid on a old pentium celeron... or just give it up, shut it down and save your company edit: I can’t believe I just wrote that, but the thing is, it’s a great game in theory, I love it. Just so sad the management is so poor
  3. this should be resolved in another way. Make it so megatribes can benefit from having small companies around. Let them plant a TAXFLAG in a small company base so they can benefit from them.
  4. Jup, warehouses did not work.. but hey! Let’s add a automated dock and a rocket launcher!
  5. This is getting worse.. some dude placed a warehouse In the middle of the island and it takes resources from everybody’s farmhouses.lol. You have to link it to OWNED farmhouses only. And distance between warehouses must be company only gooood luck
  6. Some stuff that I think would be positive for the game I like doing the powerstones, but many people ask me why they need them.snowman I say, but they like it to be more, something that make sense. I therefore wish the complete compass had a purpose. it could for example: spin while nearby the ghostship glow towards lvl 30 wildlife glow towards the spermwhale and more, we just want the fully powered compass to do something, to stimulate more people to do the powerstones and the essence . A little bit more that a dance, even if I like those..lol im sure some bright minds on this forum has more ideas on what the powered compass can do, suggestions?
  7. ..my hair is dry, as the ocean is gone. But my eyes are wet, thinking what will be. Soon, the smell of ocean, taste of sea, sounds of cannons.. arr, those who wait, will see!
  8. Why not open the north borders on NA pve so we can sail to EU pve, one way street? this game has huge potential, glad to see it gets some well deserved attention from qualified developers.
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