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    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    Glad they at least fixed the treasure maps now maintaining an island is doable again, love the game but it needs more content. I also wish they could drop the Pirate theme, and instead rename the game to "Atlas 20000 leagues under the sea" and make it a Jules Verne universe based game. It already has some heavily Jules Verne inspired mechanics and items so why not go all the way.
  2. Monomania

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    I just came across a group of Army of the damned level 65 in a large group on an island beach... one of them fired an arrow at me and my 92 high spec bear on neutral just went in and died in under 5 seconds, if this is not reversed Im also done with the game permanent. Will just head back to Ark.
  3. Monomania

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    I hope you are right since it was not even mentioned in patch notes its not unlikely.
  4. Monomania

    Latest Patch (v404.5)

    This patch literally ruined PVE, it has now made getting enough gold for stuff a massive grind. Any treasure map above 6 in quality is now dangerous and not worth doing unless you have 30 people you can bring along. This game just turned into a massive grind, might as well go back to doing Chores in Ark..
  5. Monomania

    Ships Added then Removed from Company

    Ah thanks alot for that info guys
  6. So this happens quite a lot in our tribe log, 3 schooners have gone poof over the last few days. But all the time even more messages like these seem to appear in the Company log without any ships going missing, any idea what this could be ? Also no new ships have been made in any of our shipyards in that time. https://imgshare.io/images/2020/02/04/shipsaddremove.jpg If screenshot does not show its basically a messages often 6 in a row Ship added then removed with an hour between them 3 ship IDs after eachother.
  7. Monomania

    Npc Crew does not not target ship only!

    Just had the same problem occur makes defending bases with NPCs pointless
  8. Monomania

    The case of the ... disappearing structures?

    Having the same issue its happened 4 times and I try to add a massive amount of stacked foundations to adress the issue but not yet sure if that will hold either Ceilings even when fully foundation supported seem to give in at least while building in water often accompanied by a bouldering sound as they collapse. First image the side that has not collapsed And the side that has collapsed. now adding 100 stacked foundations to adress it, pillars seem to not work in that respect.