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  1. I am lvl 65 (was allowed to go to 66). Now I'm still lvl 65, but allowed only 62. This update sucks donkey ballz.
  2. So here is my issue. I live on an tundra island on PvE EU. My island has an frozen lake/pond, which isn't a valid water source to put a "underground water pipe" down. The message says: Can't Place Underground Water Pipe: Must be placed in water or connected below a pipe with water. I have placed several water reservoirs next to this lake. It gets 200% water, so it is a non-stop water source. I've tryed connecting the underground water pipe to it. It will snap into place. But it will not let me place it. It's not a valid water source for some reason. Please make it so that an automaticly 24/7 filling water reservoir, is a valid water source for an underground pipe system. (this message was created after moderator blitzed909 from the Discord server suggested I should make this suggestion here) If the devs don't fully understand my suggestion, contact/@ me on the Discord server. Jahee#6593)
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