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  1. *We, the Spartan Syndicate are on the Krakens grasp server. We are looking for the downtrodden, the used, the war mongers, the rageful! Let us be your new brothers and sisters in arms against those who have stepped on you or to help you in the struggle of surviving the harsh seas. Let our Queen nurture you, and the king to clothe you in blood and iron.* **Spartan Syndicate Recruiting** Really fast growing company looking for warriors! We have a ranking and reward system based on PVP and tasks. · Access to both small and large mythical shipyards. · Group farming means less farming · Every kind of weapon/food/alcohol you'll ever need. · Protected base. · One of the best bear breedlines in the game. · Power leveling with maps every weekend. Want to become a captain? The best ground PVPer? The best breeder? Do yourself a favor and join The SS. #doods4993 for more info.
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