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  1. i only see 1 pvp server on xbox did i mis something? ooow ya the gold for shipyards lmao
  2. We are pleased to announce our Wonders patch will complete in two weeks with the introduction of the Great Pyramid as the first wonder for the season. We understand, due to various issues, that many have not had the best opportunities to get sufficiently prepared for the upcoming Wonder and so, we will be doing a full wipe when the patch drops in two weeks. Nce christmas gift this f******* wipe and stick that stupit wonder were the sun dont shines game killers....
  3. If i click on it in the skill tree it trows me out of the game, is there a way to get one to feed all tames at once?!
  4. This is not Atlas enymore why not change the name to The portels of hell!!!!! mfukkers
  5. Also make the game 10 euros maybe more people wil buy it 29,99 euro on xbox
  6. Also make the game 10 euros maybe more people wil buy it 29,99 euro on xbox
  7. I cam load single player on my xbox serie x
  8. Bug Fixes: Fixed areas on the Mortar ship, Kraken and Ramming Galley where paint was not showing properly Fixed Instances in which the Paint Spray gun would not cover all regions Fixed Position of the Steering Wheel on Mortar Ship Fixed instances where Islands could affect nearby seaforts' peacetime. Fixed Instances in which Control Points could be selected as Islands to respawn on Fixed instances in which company cooldown was being circumvented really???? Known Issues: Broadsider Icon is outdated Scaffolding length on the Advanced Shipyard for the Broadsider is incorrect Small gap in the front castle of the Broadsider Graphical inconsistency with water surrounding the Kraken and Broadsider Ladder position on the back of broadsider is incorrect really???? Can you even read what people write here and you must be sabotaging the rented servers by nitrado people are not waiting on new ships fix the f**ingbugs also on rented servers please.
  9. Why build high up if you cant put defence with it enymore so stick the bed where the sun doesnt shine.
  10. They don't care about the rented servers to, a lot of problems there Official works much better, rented servers got more problems after the update on our server the Treasure Map Bottle are gone still can't fast travel because the map is blanco for a long time. also now that the spider is tamable, and you can walk up the mountain with them can't even defend my place there because I can't place defends there what a BS.
  11. The thing what i did like on this game was the big world the ships the islands it was easy to step in this game and play, now you have to pay for ships so that was the biggest killer for me and if you rent a server on nitrado the map is blanco treasure maps to there is nothing on it also fasttravel doesnt work if you try you got kicked out of the game..sad sad sad..i wish the forrest was on xbox instead of this game.
  12. Because of all the misery these defs have caused just started playing on a rented server from nitrado and nitrado are almost as bad as the devs from atlas the map doesn't work so fast travel doesn't either i can't put bed and cannons or other self defense on the mountains why this is so stupit i thought for this it can't get any worse so it can and they listen to players really not that anything players want happened is just coincidence give back the game we had before you came players just wanted the bugs got fixet not this bs let me ffing put a bad and self defense on mountens you idiots...en fix with nitrado the map and fastravel problem but you did 1 thing right namely you did fix the singleplayer save game bravo idiots.... I think DiseasedLeopard did give up so i will help him, It would be nice if tickets were actually answered and not automatically marked as "solved".
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