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  1. We have not found a fresh water source, is there a way to distill ocean water or fill up waterskins by digging etc.?
  2. how? We are not at the free port anymore we are stranded!
  3. We accidentally killed our raft..we scuttled it. But we are laread off the main island so is there anyway to get a ship back or is this just how we live now?
  4. That's terrible! I bounced around one of the free ports for a bit but ended up leaving for the night because of the rubber banding. I DON'T KNOW what they should do but they need to do something with servers because this is not sustainable. Can't have the opening area of the game super lagged all the time.
  5. Its laggy to the point of it being hard to get killed but thank you ill give it a shot XD
  6. I spawned into a place that is the opposite of a free port. So I can't get a ship or anything. How do I delete my survivor and restart?
  7. Zstar

    Unable to rejoin NA Server?

    Its likely going to be a while/ Fingers crossed this time tomorrow everything will be OK
  8. Zstar

    Download size of ATLAS

    To help anyone looking for a download time: The download is 32GB so the download time by itself will be similar to the download of overwatch or PUBG. Then its going to unpack and THAT is where the 100 GB of space becomes relevant.