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  1. This game has soo many balance issues and devs dont even care about it.
  2. my raft stucked and when i respawn 3 crocs and 1 tiger instantly kills me. now 2 giant snakes to i cant defend my self because they kill me instantly.
  3. Im traveling with my raft for 13 hours and I couldn't find an island to claim. We need more server like EU PVE 2 , EU PVP 2 , NA PVP 2 , NA PVE 2
  4. Are these more effective than classic clote and spear?
  5. How can i make it , is it better than classic armor and spear?
  6. spear , bow armors are classic clotes
  7. but they are everywhere i cant escape so i cant place my flag there is no balance
  8. im 13 level but 4 lion or other creatures always kills me easly thats bullshit. NO BALANCE Giant snakes are not dying too.
  9. I lost my raft on an island how can i rebuid it? There is no freeport and i cant find my raft so im stucked in this island. How can i go back to a freeport to rebuild or how can i rebuild without raft NPC?
  10. Or just open more servers for example EU PVP 2 or NA PVE 2
  11. Someone told me told me that raft gets 16 dmg per 5 minute. If its true i wil quite this game because i couldn't leave the starting zone in 16 hours, i always lose my raft when i login.
  12. My character stucked in a structure, cant die or respawn
  13. So i finally downloaded 32GB
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