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  1. After the recent update 400.58 on Xbox I cant search for any unofficial non dedicated severs without the game crashing if I manage to get the game to load to this point. It doesnt seem to finish searching and once I input a name in the filter it freezes then crashes.
  2. This has really started to detour me from playing Atlas. Without any response or help from Nitrado, I have tried everything I can possibly think of to fix these blank maps on my unofficial dedicated server. All web searches lead to year old posts and of those they are for PC. I cant believe that there are only a few people dealing with this issue for xbox. Very unfortunate as I really enjoy this game.
  3. I have submitted a ticket with Nitrado but they seem to be thinking that I'm not uploading the maps via web interface properly which is not correct. I'm only running a 1x1 grid so all I need is the Cellimg_0-0.jpg and Mapimg.jpg. Now when I upload the maps they do show up under the configuration tab in A1. As being on Xbox and having no access to the FTP Server files I'm really stuck until Nitrado or someone can came come up with a solution.
  4. I am also having this issue. I'm playing on Xbox and Im running a custom map using nitrado for my unofficial dedicated server. I have tested the server with my PC, as I own the game for it too, and the maps work just fine but not on Xbox. This makes it unplayable due to there being no way to select any bed to respawn. It will also crash my game when looking at the map under the Atlas tab.
  5. I have just finished downloading the trial option for this game to see how it plays before purchasing for xbox. I own the game on pc. Problem is from the very beginning I am gaining no xp. I have harvested stone wood thatch drank and ate. Nothing I cant go any further because I can not build anything. Wasted trial time due to this.
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