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  1. Phantomtoes

    Patience people!

    Hey everyone! I know you're all excited to play but come on now....whining, crying, complaining isn't going to change anything or make it go any faster. Have some patience and let the people work and maybe commend them for working tirelessly to get it out today!
  2. Phantomtoes

    under an hour

    All you've been doing is crying all day about this. Have some patience and go for a walk and enjoy some nice weather for a little bit. Or hop on a different game for a while. You whining and complaining isnt making it go any faster.
  3. Phantomtoes

    How did we get here?

    What they are doing is releasing it on Xbox game preview....which is basically the Xbox insider program. Then as it's in game preview they will test the servers and current build for months and months.