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    I started playing the game first day, through the bugs, the wipes, etc. All had its issues. Well, I stopped playing due to the wipes about a year and a half ago and went to Conan (great game btw). Well, I came back this weekend to look around and possibly move me and my conan friends over to Atlas for something new. Well, I gotta say the game is so so much more buggy and broken than I have ever seen it. Even worse than day 1 release. First, WTF is up with this portal crap? Why not allow sailing from end to end like before? Stupid IMO. Second, game is so incredibly buggy. I buy a pair of NPC's, get em on my freighter (new ships suck too) and Poof, they disappear of the sails sailing between grids. Buy a SECOND set of NPCs, hit landfall, go to explore. When I return, Poof, my NPCs are gone. According to the log nothing happened, but they are gone. Grapeshot, what did you do to this game? Absolute crying shame what you have done. I just told everyone else not to buy the game because of it. You absolutely ruined this game.
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    would absolutely love to be able to transfer zones or use a portal without fear of losing my animals. that would be a great fix.
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    No, the new devs are not focused on what has to be done. We do not need Zombie towers, statues and another 200 minibosses exclusive for super guilds. We need removal of all bugs, every Atlas player can very easily tell all of them to the devs. We need change of the modular ships, you ahould be able to build everything on them, just to bring them in line with the old legacy ships. By now the difference is rediculous : A broadsider is superfast, superstrong and certainly the strongest ship in Atlas. Especially the ship speeds needs severe adjustment. And stop the stupid perma-tornadoes, perma heat wave and perma frostwave. QOL is the word.
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    After a bit of exploration i would assume that the only islands free of claim towers are the ones around the 4 freeports in Rookies Cove. The rest of the map is "troll heaven", meaning everybody can just place a claim tower beside your super fortress built in 5 month/beside your super expensive armored docks with super expensive galleons in it and steal it all within 30 minutes without any efforts. I hope this is a comprehesive summary of ATLAS in june 2022.
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