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Come join us in the Foppas Gaming Community & help us grow!
Join us in Discord to reach out to our admins & get more information about Foppas Gaming Community.

Our servers are hosted by the owner & they are all located in Sweden with a gigabit fiber connection. 
The servers are running with optimized server hardware & raided SSDs to ensure quality for your gaming experience.
We are constantly researching & developing new features to integrate in our servers so that we can give players a more unique gameplay & options without using mods.
As of now, some of our unique features are leaderboards for pvp, statistics and weekend rates that automatically activates.

Website: https://foppasgaming.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/mntGYxy

Joining addresses:
- Azeroth Freeport West: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:26030
- Azeroth Freeport East: steam://connect/foppasgaming.com:26033

Server Info:

- Last wipe: 190327 17:00CET
- Power Stones: All 8 is available 
- Center Maw: Available on C3
- Top grid: PvP Build Zone
- West grid: Lawless & Freeport
- East grid: Lawless & Freeport
- Center Grid: Powerstone & Center Maw None Build Zone. 
- Bottom grid: PvE Build Zone
- World size: 5x5 (25 Servers connected!)

Server Settings:
- XP: 1x
- Harvest: 2x / 4x (Weekend Rates)
- Taming: 2x
- Hatching: 2x
- Baby Mature: 2x
- Max Dino Level: 30 (Wild)
- Max Player level: Unknown!
- Supply Loot: 1x
- Gold Loot: 1.5x
- Cluster Chat 
- Longer spoiling times 

Server Mods: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1655807521



Map Explanation: 
- Red = PvP Region
- Orange = Lawless PvP
- Yellow = Freeport
- Cyan = Lawless PvE
- Green = PvE Region
- Purple = Center Maw
- Blue = Lawless (Golden)

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