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Make the Cart a Cart

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First, stop calling it a cargo saddle/cargo harness, and call it a cart. Secondly, make it useful. Being able to put a cannon/swivel gun in it is admittedly very cool, but that should not be it's main function. It's main function should be to haul stuff. A lot of stuff. The wheel was invented for a reason; it exponentially magnifies the amount of weight you can move. The easiest solution would be that whenever you put a cart on an animal, that animal's weight capacity goes way up (doubles or triples). A better way would be that the cart itself has an inventory, but the weight of anything in that inventory is greatly reduced (~80%), and then that weight is added to the animal's carry weight. 

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  • The cargo saddle could add a secondary storage to the animal's inventory UI, where the crafting recipes would be on a bench.
  • The cart's inventory would have a 'Weapon' slot, allowing the placement and swapping of mounted weapons. 
  • If a Weapon is equipped, the cargo inventory would only accept ammo, and the cart's bed will remain empty for an AI.
  • If no weapon is equipped, the cargo inventory will accept resources and crafted goods, and the cart will have a visual of crates and goods in the cart's bed.
  • Items stored in the cart's storage would receive a weight reduction factor. Raw resources would have a higher weight reduction factor than crafted goods/ammo.
  • The saddle would not be removable from the animal until all items have been removed from the cargo saddle's storage.
  • Weapons and AI mounted on the cart would count against the item/weight limit for the saddle, and against the animal's movement speed.
  • Ammo could be placed in the cart storage, for use by mounted weapons.

Alternatively, there needs to be a new weapon mount saddle, specifically for mounted weapons, and the cargo saddle needs to be just for cargo.

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