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  1. just changed zones and now its correct wtf is that about hope it doesn't bounce up and down.
  2. seemed it was a zone bug.
  3. Biggest problem with this thread is assuming the devs even know where these forums are
  4. Zaltor

    unable to tame

    Taming is broken AF now
  5. Zaltor

    Various Bugs

    -when transitioning to new server boundry your meat in hot bars disappears. -cyclones spawn on you and chase you not just random events. -Wildlife attacking anchored ships/crew. -Firearm damage vs Wildlife is terrible.
  6. Here's a suggestion. Every company gets 10 claim flags that is enough room to set up a large base etc then you can't place anymore claims of your own, you can only take over others claims and annex them. So you can have 10 of your own and xx amount of annexed.
  7. yes all wildlife aggroing on AI ship crew needs to be fixed ASAP it's a game killer go inland to adventure come back to find ship almost destroyed by lion tigers croc etc that's eating your crew through the walls then you have an uncrewed ship.
  8. This is huge. Should be in bug section coming back to your boat and having a lion or croc destroy a schooner insane it should not aggro on ai crew sitting off shore
  9. Well you are broken they have a game ark survival evolved you should try it everything is super sized. But this is a pirate game. I'm ok with monsters whale etc but 30ft crocs mammoth size elephants ruin the feel.
  10. I know this uses ark assets but crocs elephants and other creatures don't need to be Jurassic size would love to see them scaled down in size
  11. AI convoys that can be sunk or taken over for sale at pirate ports. Would add more gameplay then just hordes of ships of the dammed.
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