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  1. PVE is, by nature, finite content. Once you've beaten the kraken on all three difficulties.. why do it again? No matter how much new PVE content they add, at some point you will have played it all. Conversely, Player vs Player content is infinitely replayable. The problem being that at present the choices are a PVE world or a PVP world. There needs to be an opt-in, bounded PVP activity. Something similar the Kraken grid, where when it's activated, anyone in the grid is flagged for PVP, even on the PVE cluster, with rewards and win conditions besides simply team deathmatch. Examples: They're stealing our ship! During this event, make all ships (near) instantly pirateable. If you're able to get on deck, and get to the wheel, you can sail it. if your company is still holding the wheel at the end of the event, you gain ownership. Stop putting holes in my ship! During this event, gold is deposited in your ship's resource chest for a percentage of damage that your ship does to enemy ships. Careful not to get too greedy! Also, a good event to come salvaging in the grid afterwards for ill-gotten gains. Can't sell sunken ships. During this event, earn rewards (mythos, gold, BPs?) for ships that you control at the end of the match. Near-instant stealing rules apply, but ships ownership reverts at the end of the match. The challenge is to Capture ships, not sink them, so grappling and boarding actions are in order. This is my island! The grid is populated with numerous small islands, each with control points. Players are rewarded based on how many islands their company owns at the end of the event. Squidball A mini-kraken spawns in the middle of the map. It will move across the map away from whichever tentacle is taking the most damage. Companies are randomly assigned a compass point on the map, and win if the kraken is pushed into a control area at that compass point. Legend of Leagues Yeah, LoL, Atlas style. Mid-sized Islands spawn at opposite corners of the map, and the goal is to capture the opposing team's island. Participating companies are assigned to an island team. Small shipyards at the islands spawn 'creep' ships - SOD schooners, while large shipyards allow players to purchase premade Brigs or Galleons. Smaller islands have mercenaries that can be bought or pressganged - squads of sloops up to a boss Galleon. SInking enemy ships awards Dubloons to the team's crew silo - currency specifically for purchasing ships during the event.
  2. Contrary to the patch notes.. Dolphins tamed before this patch are not harvesting seaweed or coral. Meanwhile, Seahorses ARE harvesting seaweed and coral, but only in the trenches.
  3. Disagree. The 80% weight reduction isn't an issue. I can have two full cargo racks on a schooner and barely be at 60% weight. However, higher grade cargo racks should have better speed reduction penalties. eg, for a schooner Common = -20% Green = -18% Blue = -16% Yellow = -13% Mythic = -10%
  4. Never take a cargo boat out solo in PVP. Escorts ships or you deserve to lose it.
  5. Reread the part about significantly extending the time it takes to GET the vitamin debuffs. The premise is you should need to neglect your nutrition for multiple game days to get those, not just because you haven't eaten a fish in the past 10 minutes. If you're even trying to eat a fish or drink some milk every other game day or so, you would never get the debuff. Conversely, if you actually neglect your Vitamin C enough to get skurvy, it should take you a couple game days of eating citronal to treat that, or you could speed up the recovery by eating crafted food. At present, everyone just kills themselves to clear the nutrition bar, which makes the game mechanic meaningless.
  6. A smaller world will drive more interactions for a smaller population. How are you addressing the need to escape the land resource grind in order to participate in the ocean game? Some method of hiring NPCs and training them to harvest mats would go a long way towards freeing players to focus on actually pirating at end game. Being able to blueprint a completed ship, throw that into a smithy, and have NPCs take over constructing the basic hull would free players to focus on customization and play, rather than spending a week landside for every sea adventure. Vitamin deficiencies effects should persist through death, to make cooked food worth the effort. No more killing yourself to get past not bothering with vitamin D. Conversely, significantly increase the time it takes to get a vitamin deficiency. It should take several days real time to get a vitamin deficiency debuff, and similarly a few game days of eating right to remove it. It should be something you had to actually work at neglecting your character to get, but them have to actually work to get rid of.
  7. Pirates don't spend all day making ships. They buy or steal ships made by NPCs. So.. why not have an NPC operated shipyard Supply Blueprints, materials, assign NPCs, and go sailing while they make you new ships. New station, Ship Blueprinter. Placed aboard a ship. Once a ship has been launched, players can craft a Ship Blueprint that documents the current state of the ship. Ship Blueprint includes a list of all building objects, but not consumables, currently on the ship at the time of blueprinting Ship Blueprint includes the quality of all objects. Ship Blueprint also includes embedded placement information of all objects. New Skill - Shipwright (Basic, Expert, Advanced, Master). Skill level determines how many ships can be built from the blueprints. Reduces resources need to craft Ship Blueprint Improve starting and/or max levels for ships crafted from Ship Blueprint Shipyard Job Board. Snaps to the shore side of a Shipyard Has snap points for a billboard, storage, and craft stations. Has one Ship Blueprint inventory slot. Ship Blueprint in inventory will be listed on the Billboard, along with required parts /mats. Has virtual 'stations' for assigning NPCs. Number of NPCs depends on size/quality of attached shipyard. NPCs assigned to the Job Board will construct parts in the Ship Blueprint list, using mats deposited in the Job Board Mats storage, in the crafting stations attached to the Job Board. NPCs will deposit constructed parts into the Job Board Parts storage. Players can add parts as well. BP parts in the Ship Blueprint will either need crafted by players and deposited in the Job Board Parts storage, or the necessary blueprints will need to be present in the crafting stations attached to the Job Board for the NPCs to use. Once all parts in the Ship Blueprint are present, NPCs will begin assembling the ship in logical order. Rationale: In order to use the NPC Shipyard, it will be necessary to have Have either built an original ship and blueprinted it, or have acquired a ship blueprint through trading, piracy, or perhaps looting? Have collected the mats and parts to build the NPC shipyard objects, crafting stations, etc Have bought/looted sufficient NPCs to operate the shipyard Maintain the Gold and food to keep the NPCs working Have the BPs for any BP parts All of these incentivize players to get out and do pirate activities, rather than sitting in the harbor, crafting planks and rebuilding the same ship for the twentieth time.
  8. When cooking recipes that require a Grain (Maize or Wheat) and generic Veggies, the cooking will consume Grains as veggies. Example: Bubble & Squeek requires 10 Grains and 3 veg. When cooking, it will consume 13 grains, and 0 veg. Please correct the cooking recipes to not consume Grains in place of Veggies.
  9. A new skill 'Dowsing', unlocked after the Shovel and Treasure Finding skills, or after Tilling 3 in the Cooking tree. This would allow players to find underground springs, similar to the Treasure Hunting activity. Springs would exist on "green" soil, same as can currently be found. The size of the island would determine the number of wells present. Once an underground spring is found, players can dig it up using a shovel, same as treasure hunting. Once the spring is dug up, it would create a permanent small geyser and puddle of fresh water that players can drink from or fill waterskins & jugs. The Shovel quality level and Treasure digging skill used determine the water refresh rate of the spring. Grey/none might provide 200 water/hr, while Epic/Advanced might provide 1000/hr. When the spring is depleted, the geyser would disappear, but the puddle would remain (like the mud puddle in Ark:Scorched Earth). Players can later improve a Spring at later dates by following the Dowsing skill again and using higher quality Shovels, higher tier Digging skills, and using the Treasure Hunting accordion buff. New item "Water Well" in the Stone working skill. Same as the well in Ark, can be placed on a Spring/puddle and will collect fresh water. Has an internal inventory of 1000 water. Can have pipes connected to store water in other Stone Water Reservoirs, or irrigation to plants. The well could have Blueprint versions with buffs to Water refresh rate and/or water storage volume.
  10. @wildbill Will need to research this.The ATLAS wiki data is unclear on the food values and decay timers of the Cooking and Healing herbs. However, as long as 1) NPCs are eating it, 2) it has the same decay time as vegetables (9:36 in Larder), and 3) provides the same 5 food value as veggies, then it's a valid alternative to crop vegetables. I previously noticed that NPCs weren't eating the Cooking or Healing herbs in their larder, but that may be due to them eating the stacks of berries first due to their lower food value.
  11. Eggs last ~30days each in a larder, so a 100stack would last forever.. However..... An egg only has 3 food value. This means that NPCs will eat eggs before Veggies, and 1 NPC will eat 1 egg/hr, finishing a stack in <4 days, vs <6 days for a veggie stack. Unless you have a couple dozen chickens, it will take a while to collect a stack of eggs. Conversely, 1 crop plot will yield a couple dozen veggie per harvest, even without Tilling. In the time it takes to pick up a stack of eggs, one could harvest a dozen or so stacks of veggies. At this point, I just save the eggs for cooking player food.
  12. Before the recent Gold/activity changes, I finally nailed down food consumption at roughly 1/20 minutes, 3/hr. This would be 1 veggie per 1.67 hours, equivalent to an idle NPC at 1Gold per 1.7 hours. Since cannoneer NPCs want 1g/1.2 hours, it appears food consumption is not tied to duty. With the new gold wage changes, I'll be doing some more testing to see if food consumption has changed as well, as Idle NPCs now want 1G/2.7hr. In regards to just dropping stacks of berries into the larder, consider the following. A stack of berries will decay in about 2 days. At 100 berries, 1.5 food each, that's 150 food value. At 3food/hr, an NPC will eat a stack of berries in about 50 hours, which is about the decay timer for any other stacks of berries in the larder. Result - only 1 stack/NPC will be eaten , the rest will decay before being eaten, and no matter how many stacks of berries you put in the larder you'll have to refill it every 2 days. A stack of Veggies will take 960 hours (40 days) to decay. At 5 food each (excluding Wheat and Maize at 1.5 food each), and 3food/hr, a stack of veggies will feed one NPC for just under 6 days, and a second stack will still have ~80 veggies left. While it took some time get running, I have a farm with about 200 plots. It takes about 20minutes to harvest, and an hour each week to grind fertilizer. Each harvest yields enough veggies to top up about a dozen NPC larders. After getting 1 stack/NPC in each larder, it's only necessary to top up the larders every 3 days, and if I pre-stock 2 stacks/npc, they can safely go a week. If you're just dumping a couple K berries on a ship's larder each day you take it out, then not such a big deal. If you're maintaining a harbor with a couple dozen larders feeding a 100+ NPCs, unless you want to farm and run berries every day, veggies are the way to go.
  13. At shore/pier, Hauler mount handler pops item stacks from mount inventory into dinghy. Person in dinghy picks up packages. This method allows a person to carry massive weight beyond their weight capacity. Row dinghy to ship Load dinghy onto ship. Slow walk from dinghy to storage chests on deck and unload. If necessary, move from temp storage on deck to storage below decks while underway. Reverse process at destination.
  14. I've been trying to sort out the rates at which AI NPCs consume food, in order to manage feeding an army of them scattered across an island's defenses. I've been able to sort out the following: NPCs will eat the first food type available that will address their current hunger (missing food stat). This means they will eat berries (1.5 food value) before they eat veggies (5 food value) or cooked food (25-50 food value). I observed that it took about ~2mins for an NPC in the Sweeping animation to reduce 0.1 food value. This would imply they lose 1 food value per 20mins, or 3 food per hour. I left this same NPC on idle alone near a larder with a 100 stack of berries. After 80 mins, he had eaten 9 of the berries (accounting for spoilage). Berries are now 1.5 food. At roughly 6 berries per hour, this yields a food consumption rate of ~9 food per hour. So far, my unmeasured observations of consumption of the veggie stacks I've been stocking in the larders for NPCs on cannons has pointed towards a consumption rate of about 2food per hour. My hypothesis at present is that different activities have different food consumption rates, similar to the gold/hour costs. However, I've been unable to get consistent values for the same activities. I'm in an area with a lot of traffic, so it's difficult to have controlled experiments. Has anyone been able to get consistent values?
  15. I would like to see the sail and mast constructions decoupled. That said, changing rigging is not a simple affair, and should be a bit more involved than simply swapping on the fly. At a minimum, it should require being anchored. The Mast would have two inventory slots. One for the yardarms specific to a rigging type, and a second for the actual sail. The mast and yardarms/rigging would be crafted at the smithy, and the sail itself would be crafted in the loom. Since paintings are item specific, this would allow having an inventory of painted sails that could be replaced, rather than painted after the current mast, rigging, and sails combo is permanently installed.
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