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Submarines and Griefing

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Submarines have been a favorite toy of griefers since they were first introduced, and anyone who's ever played PvP know what I'm talking about. Subs can't be hit with cannonballs when submerged, and NPC mounted cannons apparently consider submarines to be "ships". We all see the problem here, right?

As everyone knows,  griefers use this mechanic to drain cannonballs from defensive towers and even cause them to sink the tower owner's own ships by sitting submerged with the ships between it and the defensive cannons - this is typically done during an island's peace period, which makes it all the more broken.

A couple of suggestions:

1. Change submarines from "ships" to something else, or add a tag to differentiate them from surface ships, and then change ship target options to "Ships" and "Ships and Submarines".

2. Add an AE damage effect to medium and large cannonballs that will also effect anything underwater.

Yes, I know all about "disable your cannons during peace" and "don't park your boats under your own cannons", but these are workarounds to make the best of a broken mechanic. It's about time that we had an actual fix.

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I smell another SKILL to be added to the skill tree dev's!!! (2) Skills could be added to Esoteric/Building ones you get your first essence or shocked to death by and eel fish.


They could fix this easy with things already in the game.  

First Idea defense building:

A farm house and the water pipe. Mod the pipe so "T" also goes into 3 extra modes added to the pipe modes. Extra modes? Connect to farm house 1. Farmhouse Connector, run a electric line from farm house 2. Electric Line (uses same underground radius mechanic as pipe), and finally something to connect to zap  a sub place under water and has a large radius 3. Devastator Device (that's what I'm calling it). So it would use what ever mechanic that the Eel fish uses to shock a player but instead of killing the sub it freezes the sub in place (for a short time) so it can be shot. The only things to add would be 3 new markers when pushing "T" to cycle through you would have 3 new markers if you have the skills to make them.

My other Ideas could be electrically charged mortar shells for land and electrically charged torpedoes/cannon balls to kill them. Maybe self guided torpedoes that find the sub and damage it really bad instead of electricity it just flat out damages it you could use launchers on the sore or on a ship. All would be another skill set to add to the game.


YEAH good ideas? Tweet it to them.

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