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State of the game, Ships and what we want.

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Hello Devs,

There has been a lot of talk from people on the NA server about what direction the game is heading and what problems are the worst right now.

The problems i hear are Lack of sotd spawns, whale spawns and the ship fight balance. There is also a bunch of other stuff, that i will get in to further down.

Ships balance:
When it comes to ship fight mechanics most of the issue stem form the 3 ship classes being in a strange imbalance place right now. Galleons are way to fast as a capital ship of the fleet and they can use a Harpoon to stop ships dead in the water. It helps big company's to crush small company's, since they can use it as an aggressive and fast hit.

We all want this to change but also agree that the idea of the harpoon is not a bad idea, it is just not balanced. What can be done is change the galleon speed to be the slowest in the fleet so it fits more to the historical 16'th century ships. The harpoon can then be used as a defensive ability that the capital ship has as an option, when in a fleet.

Just to make sure people understand, Schooner should be the fasts ship then the brig a close second and last the galleon as the slowest ship. Historically a normal schooner did about 16 knots, Brig 12 Knots and the Galleon did about 8 knots at best. Now we don't have to make the difference this large and the numbers in the game are boosted up so it takes less time to travel. I would suggest Schooners can do 30 knots at best, brig 24 and galleon about 18 knots max. This would make a lot of sense and fix the harpoon issue.

Blue print issue:
There is also a big balance issue in the stats of the blueprints right now. Common ships are really bad and mystical ships are really good. When you get hit by a 200% or 240% cannon as a common ship, you die really fast. You do not stand a chance. This is really bad for small company's and super for big groups. You can really step on people and fell ligit when you call them trash for only having a common ship.

This is one of the things that has to be changed! Good Blueprints are so rare that small company's, will never have a chance to get them. Even if you get the materials to build stuff, you most of the time don't have any good bpo's to use it for.

People are suggestion that making bpo's less good and limiting the random stat's just a little. Like why can a masterwork cannon bpo be better then a mythical cannon bpo? This should never overlap in a number like cannon damage. where the lower grade stops it's max is where the next should start as a minimum. If a masterwork can max go to 140% then a mythical should minimum be a 141% when you get it.

In all the stats are way to high now, no way a mythical should ever be more then 170% damage and base stats need to be higer. This system needs to be streamlined a lot more before the balance is good for everyone.

PvP ship combat:

The current meta where weight is the limit sux and one of the reasons is that you can not build a cool looking ship. Further more you can only fight for a few min before you have to slam a few diving platforms and demolish for repair resources. The speed of your ship should not be influence by the weight before you go over 40 % or something around that number. You could also make it so building stuff on your ship did not cost weight.

The borders on the side of the ship also need to be refined. You should not be able to protect your planks with wood ramp armor. This has always been something that even you guys(Devs) dont want. However, protecting the top of your ship and building a nice top on it should be allowed to some extent.

What we want, dont want:

This is where it gets interesting and it feels like doing a poll on this would be a good idea but i will give you guys input i get from talking to all the people i know who want this game to be great!

Give us more ship types, cool gear and awesome events to farm and fight over. It would also be great with skins but keep it so we can still see the difference between the sail types and other gear types. If you want new animals, give us small useful animals that makes the game more fun and surprising.

You should be fixing issues, like de sync and fps drops. Work on your engine and boost performance. If you release this half assed, people will leave.

The systems that are already in the game should be looked at again and refined. Like the food system. Maybe add more cool food types and more cool songs for the music system.

We do not want big dino like animals that take for ever to tame and breed. Don't make mechanics that break other stuff blatantly and then don't fix those things.
Animals should be good utility things you have but not be op for fighting as they are now.

I guess the big word right now is re balance the game and make it more fun, so it makes more sense.

Oh before i forget, people should not be able to have island main flags and bases on tall mountain tops that you can never get to when raiding. This is not fun for anyone, so ether make it so the air is to thin for people to live there or make it so flags have to be on ground level.

Best Regard

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That BP suggestion has been voiced many times, and I suspect would very much be welcomed if they ever tried it.

Typicaly ships carried ballast as an unlaiden ship is too light to be stable, so their should be no penalty until at least 50% weight as ballast is removed when cargo / cannons is added, above that ships would only slow down a little with more weight, what would happen however is that it would take a lot longer to get up to that speed.

They already have an acceleration stat so a goodly reduction in linear and angular acceleration when over weight should not be to hard to impliment,  You get a choice of capacity or handling like a pig.

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