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Linux 18.04 Ubuntu Atlas Dedicated Server

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I will be honest, I've never had such a hard time setting up a server. With that out of the way,
I have set up a 2 by 2 server to see if I can get it up and running. As it stands right now,
the server is up and running and can be found on the server list but when I try to connect I just time out.
Included in this post is are some pictures of the servers running and the point where the client get stuck in loading. 
I would post the logs here, but there is nothing in them that I have found worth posting.

https://imgur.com/a/qxeCWHO <------ This is the server picture

https://imgur.com/a/y6usHX9 <-------- This is the point the client gets stuck


I did reach out to discord to confirm that the server is working related to the post about 1 month ago, I was told it is working.

If anyone has an idea feel free to reach out to me on discord as well Ron#8943

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I went through this all last week and wasted my time. The Linux binaries haven't worked in months and the devs have abandoned trying to make it work, though they haven't abandoned selling ark and atlas DLC.

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Also having issues with this, didn't know it had been going on for so long.


> Installed a fresh server

> Stuck on primal game data & disconnects. 


Hopefully this will get fixed ASAP. 

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