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  1. @Jatheish @Dollie @ZenRowe Its been 4 months, can we finally get an update on this Linux Server breaking bug please?
  2. @Jatheish @Dollie @ZenRowe Can we please have a status update on when Linux Build is going to be fixed or not?
  3. @Jatheish @Dollie @ZenRowe Can we please have a status update on when Linux Build is going to be fixed or not?
  4. @Jatheish @ZenRowe @Dollie @Jatheish @ZenRowe @Dollie
  5. Welcome to the "100th day of the Atlas Linux build being broken" club.
  6. Bumping this again. Devs, please fix this.
  7. Agreed. That or if they would just take some time to FIX EM would be nice.
  8. Dear Atlas Developers, All I want for Christmas is to be able to play Atlas Dedicated on my Linux server. Please, for the love of God, please fix the Linux Dedicated server build. It's been broken since October, and just tried again today to see its still broken.
  9. Bumping this again as there is still no fix for this.
  10. Coming up on a month now and this bug still has no updates/fix.
  11. Since the 315.11 patch at the end of September, players/clients cannot connect to Linux Dedicated Atlas servers. The server instances show up in the dedicated list in the client, but players will time out trying to connect. Myself and other Linux dedicated hosts are all having this issue, and prior to the 315.11 patch, Linux dedicated Atlas servers were working fine. Please can we get an update on a fix for this?
  12. I believe there's a bug out there still for linux dedicated servers where players are unable to load into the server. The server session is shown in the list for dedicated, but the connection will time out within 10 seconds or so. Anyone else experiencing this? I believe this has been an issue since September 28th for patch 315? Can us linux peeps get an update on this?
  13. I recently set up an atlas 3X3 using the linux atlas manager repo, and I too cannot join the linux instance. They broke something and still have not fixed the issue. They're too focused on xbox crossplay bugs to fix it I guess. :/
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