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QOL Suggestion: Save our hands

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Ok so after 3900 hours my hands are starting to suffer really badly from the tediousness of setting stations and tames settings, opening and closing of doors, transferring materials to and from workstations and reversing ships.

It's gotten to a point where even running around is starting to hurt my hands.

I was wondering if we could get a tool that is like the spraygun but instead of regions you have settings such as:


2)Targetting Range


4)Ammo Type

5)Station Group


This would enable people to set all these settings on ships or on land more efficiently and with less strain on the hands.

Being able to open doors and it automatically closing behind you would be a massive help.

Being able to double tap S, W or A when on a ship to enable steering/reverse locking.

Having the workstations detect nearby resource bins and draw from them would also be a huge help.I pray someone see's the value in these suggestions while we are in phase 1, because I think im going to have to stop playing for some time purely because of physical pain :( and I really don't want to :D

Keep up the good work!

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Definitely have wanted the steer/reverse locking forever. Under stressful conditions, I generally drive Galleons, and can't help but hold the buttons really hard, and I always pay the price after a long session with pain in my hands. I don't have any repetitive motion disorders, but I can't imagine how bad this would be if I had arthritis or something.

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Not sure wether it's frowned upon, but I use Autohotkey with an auto-clicker script for farming with tames.

Saves the hundreds upon hundreds of mouse clicks needed to fill an elephant with wood or girafe with thatch.

(Just need to remember to switch it off after, as inventory manipulation with an auto-clicker on is amusing)

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