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  1. what was the yeti bug anyway, broken cooldown?
  2. Ok so after 3900 hours my hands are starting to suffer really badly from the tediousness of setting stations and tames settings, opening and closing of doors, transferring materials to and from workstations and reversing ships. It's gotten to a point where even running around is starting to hurt my hands. I was wondering if we could get a tool that is like the spraygun but instead of regions you have settings such as: 1)Name 2)Targetting Range 3)Targets 4)Ammo Type 5)Station Group 6)PinCode This would enable people to set all these settings on ships or on land more efficiently and with less strain on the hands. Being able to open doors and it automatically closing behind you would be a massive help. Being able to double tap S, W or A when on a ship to enable steering/reverse locking. Having the workstations detect nearby resource bins and draw from them would also be a huge help.I pray someone see's the value in these suggestions while we are in phase 1, because I think im going to have to stop playing for some time purely because of physical pain :( and I really don't want to :D Keep up the good work!
  3. and rapidly disappointed :D time to remove bolas in pvp altogether or you'll never fix melee combat. yet again will be staying away from broken land combat.....if you can call it that
  4. yup super happy about it great work!
  5. THIS SKILL NEEDS REMOVING. there really is not much else to say. its broken and makes any form of melee combat impossible and devalues all blueprinted gear, no reason to make mythical gear if a naked dude with a bola and pike can just take it from you. they banned crabs from grabbing people of the wheel but its ok to 2 hit ko people at the wheel.....this is game breaking and now with the roadmap in place we know it wont be addressed anytime soon....so like many others I personally wont be playing until its addressed there's just no point. tweaking it will do nothing, it just doesn't belong in this game. if you want to knock someone out it should be a challenge.... bolas should not work on people if they don't work on enemy tames.. combined with broken ship combat, this game is a flop right now and xbox is going to be great for a week or so, until everyone realises how broken this game is, disabled velocity but left handling sails working just fine, better then fine......either turn it back on or disable sail angle till its fixed, theres no reason handling should be faster then speedsails period. Anyways great potential game, ive put in 3200+ hours (avg 15hours/day) but now its getting too much stress, the 2 main aspects of the game is so broken, there's no point playing. I just hope the remaining players aren't left in this limbo of broken pvp for too long. GG Grapeshot.
  6. I know its super trivial but can we please get the carbine to show on our backs again? after all this mega-update business is over? please :D
  7. So those new ghost ships seem a bit too easy, you can still kill all 3 ships with just a schooner with 5 large cannons on the back, same goes for the power stone ghost ship, if it were me i would add a combat state to them where, once fired upon, they begin to adjust speed and fire forward etc just something a little more challenging. I would say the spawns are a bit high at the moment, but then that's probably just relative to how many people are farming them. Right now is like not many people around = lots of un-killed sotds however Post Wipe = likely to have higher pop so the amount farmed vs the amount spawning may work out to be fine. Feels like there should be some boundaries though on how close they get to server walls, because so far the only ships we lost, and there's been a few, was to joining a server and coming out the other side in the middle of a sotd patrol and or a whale :D. Good work on them though they look great just feels they look a lot more challenging then they actually are.
  8. yeah lol just figured better to post something to maybe nudge grapeshot/wildcard to say "ugh this border crossing tame bug is still happening"
  9. Hi guys, So I was just wondering if maybe we could have a space rocket implemented so we can travel to the moon to retrieve our lost tames? Also Missing Monkeeeey at the H2/I2 border, he is lost, lonely and cold, please throw him some lime and send me the co-ordinates so I can go pick him up, thanks.
  10. Just incase posting it here helps - Revert the changes to wolves (tames not wild) hp + dmg pls or at the very least hp as lvl 70+ with less then 300hp is so poor.
  11. Hi guys, I was simply hoping that you maybe able to implement a way for us to hold the attack button on tames? I spend a lot of time riding animals and it gets quite strenuous having to spam my mouse buttons for the attacks, im sure there are others who feel the same way It also always dawns on me that im "click spamming" when in voice comms, and have had a few situations where people are getting annoyed by it. Anyways I don't think it would be an "OP" change or anything just one that may save our fingers from RSI (repetitive strain injury) Keep up the good work!
  12. clearly didn't do so and didn't read the full sentence before becoming tilted. re read in this sentence do you see "IF THEY WERE SEALED" and "PROBABLY AN EARLIER PROBLEM THAT HAS SINCE BEEN FIXED" if you read the opening post it says damage and health was not a problem it was the spawns. you are further pushing this off topic by saying yeah they do spawn in buildings instead of posting anything relative to damage and health and further proving my point that it was spawn issues not stats. This is were you punch it to death or use melle weapons, i've done it and it works both from inside (for me it was a case of not finishing the 4th wall) and outside. did I say you asked for one? no re-read I said WOULD you ask for a nerf to stats. Meant as a rhetorical question. Don't take anything here as personal. I don't know you, you don't know me, I cant be sure if you were lying but even in my first response I addressed that in the case that your not lying, then it may be that its been taken care of as to why I or anyone I know hasn't seen it. You just got mad fast and didn't realise what I said. All that has happened in this topic has been a few people actually addressing the point and others just confirming spawn related issues and alphas for some unknown reason (they fall into a different category all together). The main focal point of this topic was to say that wolves were never hard to kill and that the stat nerf on top of the spawn fix (which was needed) has resulted in an overkill and to plead for stat rollback NOT the spawns.
  13. None of those images show the full extent of those buildings and in any case if they were sealed, then that's probably an earlier problem with spawning mechanics that has since been fixed because it has never happened to me or anyone I know since dec 26th and what if it was tigers spawning in your building? or crocs? would you ask to nerf them too in regards to dmg and hp? no you would sort the frickin spawns out. also where's the problem in those images in regards to killing that wolf? its stuck and unable to chase you. You are in fact demonstrating a very easy kill. This is about damage and health. What are they wrecking? your stone structures? wolves bite through bricks do they? We used to use a thatch 3x3 hut and everytime there was wolves, we would have 1 climb on the roof and another to go pull them into range. If its in your building its even easier to kill. If its outside your building and your on the inside, its easy to kill. If your out in the wild and one finds you then you put your shit away (pick, axe, lollypop whatever) and you find the closest downward slope and jump when it bites, this knocks you forward creating distance use it to get to the water or to a tall rock, crevice whatever you can find to block the wolf. Oh also luring them near to larger passive animals helps like elephants and bears. I've stated you can check around corners, over ridges, increase visibility and overall take a more prepared approach. Don't run around blindly strolling into packs of wolves and then complain they are too strong. That's like sailing to a powerstone island at lv12 and saying its too hard. SPAWN ISSUES ARE SEPERATE TO STATS. IF 100 SNAKES SPAWN ON YOU THEN THEIR DAMAGE IS NO LONGER RELEVANT EVEN WITH 1 DAMAGE YOU WILL BE KILLED FAST. well others have managed fine so what does that tell you? I swear people come to forum to read and write but seem to skip a lot of the reading. points are being thrown here that are 90% to do with spawns, when all I'm asking them to rollback the stats so that every wolf I tame doesn't get ko'd by pidgeons and I don't have to waste all my points into hp in order to counter the nerf. I mean sure I can just go tame twice the amount of wolves as I had before, but I cant even find a decent level one now and I don't know if its because they lowered the spawning of higher lvl's or if its because they level passively in the wild and are no longer surviving long enough to achieve higher levels.
  14. The alpha wolves are alphas, that's the same with most alpha predators, 1 head shot will never kill them, that's a job for the fire arrows or swivel cannon. Again with the assumption that I want them to roll back the spawn changes, but I don't, I want them to roll back the hp and dmg that's all. No animals spawn in sealed buildings. Those animal pens that alphas get into are ones with no roofs and sometimes even only 3/4 walls... Hell if your concerned with safety build a pen that has no doors at all and just demolish some of the walls when people are online, replace them when your done with your tames. Walls aren't expensive. What about those of us who had tamed wolves of high levels that overnight became feeble? Without any option to respect points I might add. I've been there done that, again fire arrows made short work of larger numbers, just get to high ground. Use K to set a safety camera (Hit K then wheel down on the mouse to set it at a far distance so you can check around corners and over ridges). Turn up gamma settings in the night to help with visibility. They fixed spawn problems and added the damage and hp nerf on top of it. This is what I feel is excessive. What I find funny is how if you simply run into the water (plenty of that about) you can use a bow to kill em off easily as they paddle towards you. they wont come out too far so its basically free kills and that was pre-nerf.
  15. the reason you don't see them now is because they cant survive the wild with those stat nerfs, same in our polar region. They should have only changed spawn rates and density or fixed any problems related to them, not change the stats. It messes up the ecosystems lv54 wolf 200hp vs lvl 1 bear 900hp add damage handicap in favour of bears and you got a lot of dead wolves
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