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What is this??

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What is this?? Can anyone tell me what in the world this is? We found it floating in the water, it was someone's tame. It had a tail like the anklyo in ark and had wings like a lady bug. Tries looking on wiki and nothing looked like this. It also had horns kinda like a bull. What is it and where does it come from? Any uses from it?

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The Grand Tortugar are like not-so-great submarines. They can carry up to four players under the shell, allowing them to breathe underwater, and give hypothermic insulation.

They do poor damage, but have high health and weight. They used to take reduced damage and that would get reduced even more by adding a saddle, but it seems like they’ve removed the reduced damage.

They are very useful for taming large creatures solo. You can take down the creatures Health with lower risk of killing it because it does relatively low damage, and then open the shell to bola the creature.

Just be aware that there is a bug that after the rider uses a weapon, the tortugar will constantly turn to the right until dismounted.

This cannot be done against small creatures, as they tend to get under the tortugar where it can’t hit them and you can’t see them to use a bola.

They’re not all that great, but I still love them. Even though they take up a huge section of our pen.

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