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  1. Bluestone


    NPC's can only use the Accordian, not the War drum. The patch that allowed them to use the accordian was 10/25/2019
  2. Bluestone

    update ETA?

    The roadmap timeline wasn't scheduled to begin until after the xbox launch, which was only a month ago.
  3. Bluestone

    Power Stone help please

    Everyone within range of the Hydra such as on the ship with you if you use a ship will get an artifact show up in their inventory. If you die with the artifact it will be on your body not in your respawned inventory.
  4. Yes they can technically be in the same company. I think atlas got crossplay sooner in its development than ark did. And since Atlas is still in early access who knows how things such as crossplay may improve over time ☺
  5. Hello. Crossplay simply means players on different platforms can play together on the same server. There is no way to link your accounts between the steam and xbox versions of the game sorry.
  6. Bluestone

    After 2 Days

    Haha yea. Not knowing how to drink from the ground at the start got me a few times too
  7. Bluestone

    After 2 Days

    @eeeceee No offense taken. Some people just want to vent and don't respond well to tips from the community, so I was trying a different approach to see if it would be received well. @The D Legacy There is a tutorials option in the main menu. This is often overlooked by players. I am not even sure if it was there when I started playing Also in the game options you can toggle 'Show Tutorial Hint Text' and 'Hide Tutorial Button' The tutorial button this refers to is in between Discoveries and Atlas when viewing the in game tabs and contains the same tutorial information as the main menu option.
  8. Bluestone

    After 2 Days

    Would you like some tips? The game can certainly be somewhat hard to figure out initially. I and others in the community would be more than happy to help if you would like it?
  9. Bluestone

    A$$hole crew

    Nuetral/aggresive/passive etc are settings on the NPC. There is a seperate set of options on the weapon.
  10. Bluestone

    A$$hole crew

    There are settings on all NPC mountable weapons (cannons/swivels etc) to choose what the NPCs should be firing at. Options include things like: Pathfinders and Mounted Tames only. etc. Check the weapons setting.
  11. Bluestone


    Blackwood is a standalone map, it can not be used in a cluster format.
  12. The official atlas grid is 225 (15x15) linked servers. You would need up to 225 Xboxs to host it dedicated. The only possibility I can see that exists for hosting a dedicated server on xbox would be a single grid map such as Blackwood. I have not heard whether they intend to implement this as it would have quite a limited scope compared to the clustered atlas maps.
  13. Bluestone

    What is this??

  14. Bluestone

    Crew Members Not Gaining Health

    Is your crew stationed on a gun etc? I have found that it doesn't appear to register the stat increase until you unseat them, after which you can put them back on the station.
  15. Bluestone

    handeling sails

    Acceleration is the rate of speed increase.