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  1. Bluestone

    Console command to add skill points? (xbox)

    You can adjust the settings for single player and there is even a checkbox that rebalances for solo play - I am not sure what it does but it may be what you are looking for.
  2. It is my understanding that they hired a whole new crew for Atlas. Spent a year or so doing it.
  3. Regardless, Ark has had time to improve optimisation on Xbox and Atlas will need time too. I own both games on PC and Xbox.
  4. I remember when Ark released on xbox. It looked awful so I went back to it on PC. It improved visually over time on xbox. Atlas on xbox when it launched on the platform looks much better than I remember Ark looking on xbox when it launched on the platform. Hopefully they are able to improve upon it however, better is always good.
  5. Bluestone

    Ship sunk in freeport overnight (no holes)

    I don't think planks need to be at zero durability to spring a leak.
  6. Bluestone

    Ship sunk in freeport overnight (no holes)

    Freeports and Golden Age Ruins grids have increased decay rates. I think current estimates is about 8 hours for a fully repaired ship to sink. The other people doing it will be repairing periodically or just not leaving them there for more than a few hours.
  7. Bluestone

    Folder & Interface

    I think these are very sensible and useful suggestions. Do want.
  8. Bluestone

    Crew Resources Silo

    Translation provided by Google Translate
  9. Bluestone

    Character deleted by mnistake

    A ticket in support is the correct method of contacting support. However, they have not been restoring lost characters/items etc in other cases and so it is unlikely they will restore yours. Sorry
  10. Bluestone


    NPC's can only use the Accordian, not the War drum. The patch that allowed them to use the accordian was 10/25/2019
  11. Bluestone

    update ETA?

    The roadmap timeline wasn't scheduled to begin until after the xbox launch, which was only a month ago.
  12. Bluestone

    Power Stone help please

    Everyone within range of the Hydra such as on the ship with you if you use a ship will get an artifact show up in their inventory. If you die with the artifact it will be on your body not in your respawned inventory.
  13. Yes they can technically be in the same company. I think atlas got crossplay sooner in its development than ark did. And since Atlas is still in early access who knows how things such as crossplay may improve over time ☺
  14. Hello. Crossplay simply means players on different platforms can play together on the same server. There is no way to link your accounts between the steam and xbox versions of the game sorry.
  15. Bluestone

    After 2 Days

    Haha yea. Not knowing how to drink from the ground at the start got me a few times too