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Forum is back up but it took awhile unfortunately

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On 8/16/2019 at 9:05 PM, zottel said:

Have you ever heard how a moose Sounds when ready to make love? Then imagine that sound pitched deeper And the Moose has smoked for 60 years. That Kind of annoying Sound they make 

Holy hell! Are the forums actually working??? 

Big time fail 

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For about a day is was down and then almost another day there couldn’t be any reply being made to anything. I do have to say that is disappointing.

i mean 💩 happens right? Yeah that wouldn’t have been a problem but the forums being down wasn’t even mentioned on twitter or in reddit. Couldn’t care less of it was brought up in discord. Probably wasn’t anyways. Even if it was that is still unacceptable.

if the official forum of a game goes down there needs to be some mention of it, but there was total radio silence. Definitely not a good sign.

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