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Cpt Jack Sparrow

is there a map of the single player mode?

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28 minutes ago, Jacob Drellerey said:

for some reason I can't place a solo on my island in signal play, anyone have any idea's why?

probably because the land isn't claimable

On 7/1/2019 at 9:49 PM, Nutcutt3r said:

For what? its SP :classic_blink:

Perhaps, because even though it is single player, we'd like to have the same functionality as in MP?

I mean, they based this off of ARK, even some of the same devs if I remember, and ARK single player is just the same as MP

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There's absolutely no reason to claim an island in SP. All the functions and manageable stuff is given too without a claim.

You surely wouldn't take your snowboard boots on a trip thru the Sahara desert...? Same here. No need for the claim-function, so why implying?

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