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  • Welcome to the ATLAS Support Ticket System. Please ensure that you select the appropriate category for your ticket as defined below:

    Live Game Support Please note we cannot currently address all issues.

    Server Outage/Issue Report should be used for reporting server outages and connectivity issues.
    Please fill out all relevant fields in the ticket to the best of your ability to ensure a timely resolution of your issue. Our GM’s may contact you for additional information if necessary. Also, please read this post describing how to use the CCC command to add valuable information to your ticket.

    Please note that during Early Access, we are providing limited in-game support and utilizing this ticketing system as a way to identify game issues and trends for problems we need to address and fix with our technical/development resources. At this phase in our development cycle, we will not be providing restoration for items, creatures, ships or other in-game assets.


    Please select this ticket option for non-SERVER or PLAYER ABUSE related issues.

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    This form is for OFFICIAL SERVER REPORTS ONLY. In-game issues, bug reports or any non-server related issues WILL NOT be addressed using this form.

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