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How to use CCC (Copy Coordinates to Clipboard)

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Ahoy Pathfinders!

ccc is a console command which takes your current in game coordinates and server grid then formats that into a cheat command used by Grapeshot employees to teleport to your exact location.

It's useful when reporting map issues, or passing on specific information about your location to the team. To use the command, please do the following:

- Open your console with the ` key (you can find it located next to 1 or above TAB)
- Type in: ccc
- Hit Enter


Demonstration of the command typed into the console.

The game will automatically copy the coordinates to your clipboard, just hit ctrl+v and you will paste the cheat command. It will be formatted like this: cheat TP J8 -451257 320374 484

Please use this when you are making reports to us, it will allow us to be more efficient when looking into your reports!

Thank you




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