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  1. You would think if you need to nerf something, and the way you did it made many people angry and no one happy they would FIND ANOTHER WAY!!
  2. Yes, immune to flame arrows as well.
  3. Doing any map solo at lower levels will be almost impossible as nothing damages them but melee and tames. Talk about lame, I guess its throw a bear or two at them and hope they win. At least with the bow I could dodge and weave and occasionally make use of terrain. Now it will just be sick'em tames and stand there and every now and then swing. That forces every person that wants to do any maps solo forced down the melee and beast master trees. Now it seems so much focus is on tames and much less on actual pirate material. The guns and bows are fun, but now you can't use them against main way of doing maps?? Makes no sense. I really hope they adjust that soon. I can see making them immune to cannon as people could farm with ease, but immune to bows (flame and regular arrows) and guns and grenades is really poor.
  4. This bow 0 damage change is absurd. Especially for anyone who does maps solo. Only AoD you can kill with guns are archers and melee gets you surrounded and stunned into submission fairly quickly. This change is absolutely terrible and hopefully the devs will correct ASAP.