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  1. Hmm Ive always been using the template system. Ive kinda given up on getting whales and stuff to spawn but I want to get it working again badly. I been pulling my hair out over it no matter what I do they wont spawn for me. Ive also tried modifying the sotd difficulty and I get jack all for results..
  2. I am having this issue as well it seems things in template sometimes dont get added correctly...
  3. Can we at least get a modifier for unofficial for this if its going to be kept like this?
  4. 1david25

    Can I run a 2x2 grid?

    2x2 would be possible just keep 4 island to a tile and reduce the tick rate to like 15.
  5. 1david25

    Petitioning/Requesting Rollback

    this is a bug for sure. I had it happen to me.
  6. they are no focusing on getting unofficials up right now and they only provided it in windows so that would be a big no at the moment.