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  1. Bro I am on the same page as you, I was playing and enjoying the game just fine before the wipe announcement. My only point was that after they decided to screw with the game a PTR to ensure the game doesn't implode on day 1 of the launch is a decent idea. Remember day 1 of the original launch...
  2. It's not totally pointless. They know everyone is pissed about the wipe. They are making so many changes in this mega update that I think they are trying to avoid having to wipe again a few weeks after they release it. They can test these systems with a small group of people before we get content, but knowing how it will affect thousands of people on a map of this scale does take time. I'm not saying they did a good job with the release; the concept for the game and the claiming system was a nightmare at launch. Considering how bad the launch was though, and considering how many things needed to be fixed, I think a PTR is a healthy decision for introducing this new claim system since they are walking on eggshells. It will need to be tweaked a few times before 1.5.
  3. BTW I'm not a big fan of the new claim system. I see why it would be good for PVE, but on PVP all the islands are already claimed(I haven't checked every single grid, but this will be the case in a few days regardless.) What's the point of building on an island owned by someone else if they can just wipe you whenever they want? The irony is that now PVP has the same problem that PVE had before-we need somewhere to build. A suggestion if I may-why not just limit the number of claims each company can have(instead of limiting whole islands.) Let's say 10 for example. That would balance things out a little more and encourage forming more separate, smaller companies. Keep all the new war mechanics and the invulnerability-I just don't think that two people being able to claim an entire island is a great idea. Am I missing something here? Don't you have to declare War on someone to take an island that is already claimed? What if I'm starting fresh and don't want to build on an island that is owned by someone else? I mean if people really are having trouble finding places to build then just keep restricting how much land each person/company is allowed to own.
  4. Please don't ask them to give us specific dates...
  5. They could just stop giving us dates and say,"coming soon." Each missed launch just stacks on the disappointment of the previous one.
  6. Do you consider a pirate to be a criminal? There were French ships that captured Spanish or Portuguese ships all the time during that period. But they would sail back to France and weren't condemned in any way. In fact if you want to go back that far I would wager that all ships captured and robbed during this time(Renaissance) were done so militarily. It was extremely expensive or close to impossible to get the resources you needed to build a ship-it had to be funded by the crown. So the idea of low criminals getting their hands on a ship that could actually attack other ships seems unlikely. When I think of a pirate I think of someone breaking the law and acting in self interest, and not representing any sovereign state. Piracy in that regard did not become a threat to trade until the 17th century(where independent ports operated separate from the guise of a monarchy.) But if your definition of a pirate is anyone who robs a boat(regardless of state affiliation) then yeah, sure, pirates have been around for thousands of years. My bad Also holes were definitely poked! My soul is crushed!
  7. Wow...I offered you a perfectly reasonable explanation and this is what i get in return? C'mon man, this game does not take place during the Renaissance. Why would you argue about that? You know what-fuck it-it's subjective anyway. I'm not even gonna say you're wrong. I think the central theme must be leprechauns too, oh and unicorns.
  8. ATLAS: The ultimate survival MMO of unprecedented scale with 40,000+ simultaneous players in the same world. Join an endless adventure of piracy & sailing, exploration & combat, roleplaying & progression, settlement & civilization-building, in one of the largest game worlds ever! Explore, Build, Conquer! I copied and pasted that directly from their steam page description. The first sentence describes the game's genre. The rest describes the content. Piracy is the first word used. It is literally advertised as a "game of pirates." And dude...Europe wasn't colonizing the West Indies during the renaissance. "Pirates" didn't even exist yet.
  9. Have you guys noticed how many posts get thrown on here because of a single insult? If someone says something "stupid" just let them keep their own stupidity-you don't have to comment on it. Try to stick to the game, we want the devs to actually read these comments and when they see that stuff they just start glancing instead of reading. Also I am not calling anyone stupid; I'm only pointing out that this comment is what turns a progressive conversation into a troll farm.
  10. I'm not complaining about the taming system because it is over-powered. I have adjusted to the current meta just like anyone else who PVPs a lot. The reason I don't like the current meta is because it derails from the theme for the game...pirates. They should be adding content that makes the game more immersive(meaning you really feel like a pirate in the West Indies.) The trading system would improve the game greatly, also fits with the theme etc. But adding mutant dinos that we can crossbreed with other mutant dinos just makes this game feel like a watered down version of ark. If the staple of additional content for most future updates is going to be just adding new creatures to tame then Atlas is not going to succeed. It needs to distinguish itself from Ark. Also, regarding the current meta, the devs could buff weapon damage to mounted creatures. That way they would still retain their utility in PVE and their utility for using carts for siege weapons, but would help level the playing field for people who like sailing and not taming. I want more shooting and sword fighting(ya know...like a pirate.) Riding around on a bear with Greek fire is easy mode-like way too easy. The devs have even stated that they did not intend for tames to dictate the meta for PVP. It was unintentional; they did not see it coming. Someone on their team made an official post about it. So they are going to keep nerfing tames anyway.
  11. I know; i just didn't like the way it looked with the parenthesis right next to it. Also I used "moved on to" instead of onto. I just liked it better erm-shrugs shoulders
  12. Thank you for pointing out my grammatical error. I did use the word(personally) incorrectly. Secondly(and this is a little funny) why would you base your opinion of why I don't like the vitamin system on what you read from other various commentators? Why not just base it on what I said? I literally listed the reasons I don't like it. See what I did there? Third, I have always leveled into vitamin protection-I love it. In fact it's the first thing I click on whenever I respec; I also refuse to play the game with less than 50 fortitude-that's how much I dislike having to deal with vitamins. Fourth, the only thing I have "bitched" about on these forums are the mini games. All my other comments were posted because I genuinely want the devs to receive feedback that can help improve the game. In case you haven't noticed, Atlas is dying-but I want to believe it can be saved. If my posts just look like general rambling from a child that didn't get his piece of candy and they aren't helping then I will stop posting. There are plenty of people(tens of thousands) that played this game, didn't like it, and then just quit and moved on to another game. And then there are people like me who played it, liked it, and saw that it could be so much better. I decided to try and be more active on these forums because I want the game to improve. If any of my comments just look like hooks for a troll fight then I greatly apologize to the community.
  13. Of course I am skilled into it, who isn't? And what are you talking about anyway? Who would do that in a competitive environment, put themselves at a disadvantage on purpose? If it's still part of the game I have to do it because the other guy shooting at me will be reloading faster than me if i don't. When you are using Blunderbusses on ships a split second is the difference between life and death.
  14. Aw man I totally forgot to mention that. YES, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, REMOVE THE DAMN MINI GAMES. It's sooooo annoying and just a horrible idea. Just make us wait a certain period to reload-why is that such a big deal for you guys? Having to look down at that bar while I'm running around during pvp ruins the experience. Seriously-that's the first thing you guys should have removed. Have you actually read any comments where that system was praised??? Everyone hates it! And get rid of the vitamin system. Where I do think the mini game for reloading and crops was a bad idea to begin with, the vitamin system is a good idea on paper. But it needs to be way slower-like 20x slower. And make it persist through death so that it matters-but also get rid of sicknesses due to overeating. It's stupid that we can get sick for trying to keep our bars up. Personally(and this is based on feedback from everyone I played with) the vitamin system is so hated that you would be better off removing it entirely instead of trying to fix it. And it doesn't make the game more immersive, it's quite unrealistic. It takes a really long time to develop scurvy. And one last thing-I don't see any mention from you guys that this post is an April fool's joke. So this is serious??? You guys are actually adding those goofy creatures to the game?
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