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    Captain's Log 21: Hull-up On The Horizon

    Delaying the update people have been really looking forward too, not the best idea... but Cheers here’s to hoping it better be worth the delay! I can assure your the player base with drop more from the delay
  2. MrBaconaneggs

    Power Stone Fix -Suggestion-

    Hello Grapeshot, I hope you've had an amazing Wednesday. I would like to make a suggestion to make your game a bit more enjoyable for everyone. I don't know if you've ever attempted to do the power stones yourself with more than a few people. There is an issue with the game where Fire Elemental's and other 1 shot style animals just over spawn and cause problems right to turn in your Artifact Keys. When trying to turn in your key is really is a relentless Gauntlet that just is such a pain and disgrace to the game. The Hydra/Drake are not the problem (though will say they could be a little tougher). The issue with the non-stop re-spawning running to your body, grabbing your key just to reset the timer and die again from the 8 fire elemental's are camping your body. Also meanwhile you have to worry about enemy players just camp the power stone to get free keys while not participating in the kill of the Hydra or Drake. Suggestion 1: Make it so the Key's don't drop from your body when you die, and are there when you re-spawn (like skins), Then it's not such a painful Gauntlet run. Therefore all you have to worry about it running back into the cave instead of trying to find your body/key again. Or Suggestion 2: Reduce the dang spawn rate of the Fire Elemental's, Cyclopes and Lions, Tigers and wolves of the island, as a Lion will aggro from 400m away and be on top of you in 2 seconds.. same with the Cyclops these things are faster than Usain Bolt on Race Day. This is just my suggestion, please at least utilize some of it. Thanks!