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    Economy is key

    Linking player shops placed on claimed land (owner or non) to auction houses in the correct located freeport would net the most return I think. Giving another reason to build/live on claimed land even if it is not yours, pushing those in lawless to move on (PvE issues). This would also boost economy overall. I hope they take this feedback and implement it. Giving us an eco system that pushes players to both play and travel would be ideal.
  2. Have various areas pve other pvp... seemed like the best option since they just killed pve anyway.
  3. Who cares about being taxed in a game where mats can be gathered in 100k range quickly regardless?
  4. The more I read this release and rewatch the stream more I understand the dev team simply has no clue what they are doing. Please do the following steps... #1 Hire a real PR department. #2 Hire in content creators. Do not in any way suggest anything, just build that is your only job. #3 Do not ever listen to your own advice, it has a 99% chance of not working like you want it to. Your track record is proof. This game can be something amazing. Please stop killing it because you are blind.
  5. The idea of needing to beat the Kraken to gain access to content is also extremely flawed and will not be received well in the community. You basically just told every small company or solo in the entire game or future players they will never be able to play the new content do to various issues with powerstones, their islands, or the fact that they do not have the ability to win that battle on their own. Why punish your community with your own greed to force players to either play with a larger company or play other games. Foolish idea again not thought out.
  6. PvE just got told they don't matter and to play PvP or basically go away. I have no clue who in this dev group is in charge of actually ensuring ideas are well thought out, but they need a lot of help since they obviously do not understand the game or the way it is played.
  7. An issue that is always existing in PvE are ships everywhere. Claimed lands and lawless alike. This generates a larger set of issues than just cluttering space, from declining server performance to QOL issues for building or using structures and much more. More often than not they are freeport ships/rafts or ships from players who have moved on from the game. Here are some simple changes that could improve this aspect. Freeport ships: 7 day decay timer with no exceptions. These ships are meant to be temporary vessels to get you on your way. At 7 days they sink, this allows for what ever they had in chests and such to be salvaged by them or others. Abandon ships: This is a large issue in PvE do to all the changes from grieving. However, it seems simple enough. Give each ship a claim timer and a claim box like a tame would have. Removing the need to be on a ship to claim it at all. This could be 7 -10 days abandon or even 15 days. Anything at this rate is better than what is currently implemented. Unlike tames though, after the date at which a ship can be claimed they should start to take damage at a similar rate to freeports. This will allow them to sink and be plundered and not just removing/zapping them from the game. Goldenage: Should have no more than 3 or 4 days of "free parking" after that freeport damage should be applied to all ships. While these are small resolutions they are simple and allow for the servers to be cleaned regularly.