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    Captain's Log 28: Man The Harpoons!

    Great new stuff! I like it a lot, especially the cargo containers But the torpedoes are a dangerous thing to implement.. It doesn't really fit into the pirate age, it does maybe fit with the golden age lore or something but this stuff is HOT! If it is not balanced you will only cause frustration.. And till now the game can already be very frustrating.. But losing ships every night due to torpedoes will end any motivation for those who are weaker. I would recommend to make PUCKLES able to shoot torpedoes, so you can build a solid defence against it and the cost for offense is still higher than for defense. And if some people want the offline raid they have to either invest a whole bunch of resources or come close to fuck with the crew on the cannons HARR! So this would be a solid balance for the torpedoes, and as you already balanced the base defense (crew members mounting turrets) we will be able to handle the coming But still... We are still waiting for parrot stands! I can't wait to put polly on a little stand to feed her with crackers instead of throwing her into a corner xD (like all other shoulder mounts) And what you guys think about statistics? Would be VERY VERY HELPFUL to have statistics about the crew, gold consume (by Crewmembers) , mounts, etc Thanks for the attention and reading and keep on making this a great game! Greetings