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  1. Two legged Joe Nine Finger

    Economy is key

    I can not see your problem, if everything I say is futile, be so kind and explain it to me Tell me how an ingame economy in an online game has to work I'm sure this is the right place for such statements
  2. Two legged Joe Nine Finger

    Economy is key

    It's true what you say about inflation, but that doesn't mean atlas isn't lacking of economy.. It's absolutely necessary to improve the current system of resources and the crafting, there are a lot of opportunities for this that would supply an economy system And I already mentioned that harvesting events would have to find their way out of the game to not overflood the market with resources, that's just one poinz Another would be to improve the areas where certain resources spawn and what resources are necessary to craft certain things, to create a more different need of resources, for example you need fleece or fur for fur armor and not any hide Another possibility is to give resources special traits, a gun or cannon made of tin got slightly more durability and with copper it makes a little more damage, something like this could also rize the need for trading But an inflation at all wouldn't be that worse, because we have a resource inflation already, they are just not shareable in large scale because of no economy.. And prices would not sink endless because you still have the time and the risk you have to invest for this share Furthermore you have the greater resource need because more ships will be used and get sunk And one thing will not be affected by inflation because it's the only resource that is not unlimited and that's time, if you can buy prebuild ships and tames you can spare time if you are willing to pay the prize for it Inflation will not be the biggest problem, and one could still try to regulate the amount of resources later on if it reaches a level of inflation that is not acceptable
  3. Two legged Joe Nine Finger

    Economy is key

    I'm looking forward to a statement of the devs belonging economy in the future of the game..
  4. Two legged Joe Nine Finger

    Economy is key

    Unfortunately the devs have not yet spoken w word about economy at all lately, as far as I know?
  5. Two legged Joe Nine Finger


    You can place cannons that are higher than bears can be, they will shoot first and bears can't stand the shooting
  6. Two legged Joe Nine Finger

    Economy is key

    True, but imagine you just came back from Freeport with a lot of stuff, you will be excited! Because there will be pirates that are waiting for your loot and you have to be prepared, maybe have a small ship driving to explore the way There will be a reason to keep an eye open because people know you have something on board, and maybe someone saw you leave to the West ;D (and there will finally be a reason to use that piracy skill to look into a box!!!)
  7. Two legged Joe Nine Finger

    My feedback - A list of Niggles.

    Agree with you, too much Ark and less the Atlas it should be
  8. Two legged Joe Nine Finger


    You can build a defence that shoots the bear
  9. Two legged Joe Nine Finger

    Economy is key

    All the necessary logistics for trading came already with the last mega update, which was very nice! Cargo racks and saddles are the perfect prerequirement for a good trading Bigger Freeport structures (especially the market must be big and acessable from a wide place, NOT ONLY A SINGLE NPC) will probably be necessary and bigger docks, maybe even fix anchor places? And ramps for easy loading Into cargo racks xD
  10. Two legged Joe Nine Finger

    Economy is key

    Yes, information about the closest Freeport via an item shop is a good idea, but transaction must be done in Freeport so you have the need to go there All in all more information must be accesable, like crewstatistics, how much gold consumed per island etc
  11. Two legged Joe Nine Finger

    Economy is key

    Economy is the key to success for atlas: -marketplaces on freeports to sell resources, items, ships and tames And serverwide connection of those stores (ex: all 4 stores in a Freeport server share the same goods etc) So people have more acces points and blocking is not that easy If this results in massive server overpopulation you can split freeports servers into 4 own server (triangles) -storehouse on freeports for companies (and private) where people can bring their stuff and store gold and from which transactions are calculated -gold generation! More ways for gold to get into the game -gold consumption! (maybe companies have to pay for the amount of crewmembers, a big safe (structure) to store money for company <= only one per comp) great for smaller ones and big company size is expensive, need for more interactions -blackboard in freeports for comps to recruit new players and new players find comps for joining or renting) This is important, finding a safe place to life should not be a long and frustrating procedure -private message ability: pigeons maybe + pigeon house where messages can be read Comes with the blackboard, people must have a way to contact those companies who offer recruitment or renting -and a tavern on freeports where you can buy Crewmember that spawn ON your ship, there is no need at all that they spawn in the middle of the island and have to follow us, especially if the freeports get more crowded. Crewmember selling guy asking on which ship you want to have them and if you buy them they will be there -if above is implemented QUIT farming events like x4 to not f**k up economy! Why? Because this is not ark, even it feels like it it got special needs to work, it's an MMO(Interaction) where the first M stands for Massive what means 'a lot' and so there needs to be a lot of interactions available (especially some not completely frustrating ones) And why economy in a pirate game? Because there is no piracy without economy.. Think about history ^^ Atm people have no reason to drive with a ship other than discovering or treasure maps, travels are long and not even exciting, encounters are rare and if then totally random. With economy you can calculate an encounter of you wish to have one, you can set traps or patrol routes of trading ships. And if lucky you will also get a reward for being a pirate! And you also have a reason to use ships which rizes the traffic on the seas because people want to get their peace of the trading cake and sell their resources or maybe they want to buy a super nice blueprint ship? Or a bred tiger! This economy change forces people to get out there for a reason, and make some money with what they have on their own island, perfect I tried to think about all the content to fit into the game as it already is so that there is no need of another wipe With those things implemented there are a lot of new opportunities even for new players and for smaller comps
  12. Two legged Joe Nine Finger

    Captain's Log 28: Man The Harpoons!

    Great new stuff! I like it a lot, especially the cargo containers But the torpedoes are a dangerous thing to implement.. It doesn't really fit into the pirate age, it does maybe fit with the golden age lore or something but this stuff is HOT! If it is not balanced you will only cause frustration.. And till now the game can already be very frustrating.. But losing ships every night due to torpedoes will end any motivation for those who are weaker. I would recommend to make PUCKLES able to shoot torpedoes, so you can build a solid defence against it and the cost for offense is still higher than for defense. And if some people want the offline raid they have to either invest a whole bunch of resources or come close to fuck with the crew on the cannons HARR! So this would be a solid balance for the torpedoes, and as you already balanced the base defense (crew members mounting turrets) we will be able to handle the coming But still... We are still waiting for parrot stands! I can't wait to put polly on a little stand to feed her with crackers instead of throwing her into a corner xD (like all other shoulder mounts) And what you guys think about statistics? Would be VERY VERY HELPFUL to have statistics about the crew, gold consume (by Crewmembers) , mounts, etc Thanks for the attention and reading and keep on making this a great game! Greetings