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  1. My alliance that I have started have found several things that annoy us that we would like added. I will add a list below. General 1. grouping with other players not members of our alliance or company 2. Being able to add non company/alliance members to a friends list 3. When grouped with non company/alliance members allow them to use beds or have option to enable grouped members Company 1. allow personal owned items, boats, tames ext. To many people have had to start over from scratch. (should be able to have personal and company owned items) 2. Allow company admins to set ownership of items. (be able to mark a boat owner or company owned.) 3. disable looting from other peoples inventory. Alliance Note: This is where we found many issues. We made an alliance for solo players for lack of ownership in companies and no grouping option. So we are trying an alliance to bypass this however, this is how we noticed some major mechanics that are missing. 1. Alliances cannot use the same beds (this is by far the most frustrating thing to not be able to do in an alliance.) 2. We wonted to build a Galleon for the alliance to use together. (However, with no sharing beds or shared building between the alliance we are unable to do this) 3. We still have to set pins for alliance members to use doors or well anything. (Would like to set permissions on items like doors or boats to allow alliance member usage. Especially beds!) 4. We also wanted to build an alliance base in lawless but can't because of lack of the above and permissions. (Would like a future feature to allow us to build land bases for our alliance.) Last item is kinda of important to but maybe the hardest to implement. Language We have many people from all over the world and not all text is legible. I see so many boxes from chat and names but can't identify who they are or communicate well. I have met Chinese people whom i talk to because they know English but I don't know their names as all I see are boxes. 1. International language pack so we can see Asian characters and middle Eastern characters. (If the Chinese can see their characters I feel like the rest of us should as well. I personally can read and write some Japanese.) Thank you for your time and hopefully these features get added
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