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  1. In the recent patch, I noticed that siege weapon damage against stone structures was decreased by 45% and that siege weapon damage against wood structures was decreased by 30%. I am curious as to why this change was made, since the only two weapons I know of that count as siege weapons are the ballista and the catapult. The ballista is only ever used against creatures, so this change doesn’t affect how people normally use it. The catapult, however, was already considered useless by everyone. The reason being that a is very expensive to craft (crafting a single catapult requires enough resources to make 5 medium cannons, why does a catapult require 140 alloy?!), the skill needed to make siege weapons and their ammo costs 14 skill points to unlock, and that the amount of damage catapults dealt per shot pre-patch was already very low compared to cannons. I was extremely surprised to see that the recent patch nerfed catapult damage by 30% against wood and 45% against stone, since they were already underpowered and too expensive for them to be a viable weapon to use. If possible can we get an explaination as to why siege weapons (specifically catapults) were nerfed so much, and if there are any plans to rework catapults? My suggestion for a rework of the catapult is to increase the amount of damage they do against stone, and/or change the crafting recipe so that they are cheaper to craft (specifically make it so it costs less alloy to craft one than a medium cannon).
  2. Players shouldn't be punished for reaching the max level they are able to reach. Forcing them to find 25 discoveries for each additional level just to do a respec punishes them for leveling up. There needs to be a way for max level players to respec their stats other than increasing their level cap. Giving them one respec every 24 or 48 hours would be an easy way to get around this issue, at least until the inheritance/descendant system is implemented, which presumably would be like how prestiging works in Call of Duty.
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