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  1. My latest video, have been building a lot with this 6 times farming and I'm missing my company they're all waiting for the wipe https://youtu.be/CblBGKwI29Y
  2. If you ever wanted to switch your crew between cannons while you are sailing your ship. Well, it's possible but it's also not perfect. I made a guide on how to do this. Click on video to watch it. Video
  3. Made a video about my Schooner, it's a Battle Schooner, the idea behind it is to kite ships with the large cannons and keep your range. You need to level weight since those heavy cannonballs add quite a bit of weight to your ship. It is still just a concept, and I will test it in PvP, later on, hopefully, it does not sink :P https://youtu.be/gAbMfwxe1vM
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