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  1. i kept dying when i was trying for a power stone in k6 and it said i couldn't use the bed system to transfer to any bed other than the one i had at the island then i logged off for the day and couldn't rejoin later that day it kept putting me into make a new char screen. looks like i have to make a new char and lose all my levels and age if this isn't fixed. NA PVP the kraken's maw
  2. Jace Panda

    bug All my friends losing characters!!!

    I was hoping a patch would fix this but its not looking like it anytime soon after a few days.
  3. Jace Panda

    Teleporting Bombs

    Some how Chinese players are teleporting bombs into closed off parts of the ship and sinking the boats, like the middle or lower part of the ship even if the ship has zero gun ports.
  4. Jace Panda

    Why did my character get deleted?

    yeah this really sucks to lose all the game time i put in to a bug.
  5. Jace Panda

    Travel Failed, Unable to Start Transfer

    i had this bug logged off for the day and now the game wants me to make a new char. I was doing a power stone island at the time