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  1. I agree, pls focus more on ship/sea content. If I wanted to tame crazy creatures I'd be playing Ark. Fix game mechanics, exploits and work on stopping cheaters. Add more ships and ship content. Look at armored planks and decks, balance the Sails and if you do add content, pls base it on the semi-period environment. Bring back the concept that is Atlas because I really want to play that game again. Try at least to get back to ships that look like ships. Set a cap on cannons per ship, make NPC skills a thing (so that people care about not losing them) and add a major debuff negative response to people just killing themselves to reset their mineral, thirst and hunger stats. Pls.
  2. MojoIron

    Captain's Log 24: Public Test Realm Ahoy!

    I'm sure I font just speak for myself, and we want to get back to playing. I love the game but the wait is becoming annoying. Just release it how you planned to with the new claim system and fix it as you go along. You may end up losing more players by delaying it further.