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  1. so I've got a request from a friend, any way someone can do Ocean Man?
  2. if anyone could help me with this song it'd be greatly appreciative. I'm playing on an RP server and decided to run an upper class restaurant
  3. that's what the program does, it has the keyboard layout to which you match the notes to the keyboard letter then autohotkey will play the script you create. it doesn't play the music notes it presses the keyboard buttons which in game translates to the music notes so basicaly Sheet music -> Music notes -> Keyboard buttons -> AutohotKey -> Keyboard Buttons -> music notes
  4. oh, one thing my friend has been asking for is duel of fates from Star Wars
  5. So I know I'm the one that requested this but I decided to try my hand at it, I'm no music whiz but I feel like I did pretty good no idea how you gets set it up to automatically download but here's the hastebin link https://hastebin.com/oladuweluc.pl it's the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure-Battle Tendency opening but only the right hand
  6. you have to double click the file like you're opening it. Once it's opened then every time you press the key that triggers the script it'll play
  7. you need to download Auto Hot Key the program will press the keyboard keys for the song as a computer script, which if you have the accordion out in game and in free play, it'll play the songs
  8. @Saberene Please if you only do one for me can it be this one? Don't worry about the blue notes, just the green notes
  9. one thing I've actually done is look up some synthesia songs and it gives you the full piano layout so you don't have to know how to read music
  10. Gasp!! i want to be able to play the chime from the legend of zelda when you open up a chest
  11. post it anyways if someone makes a better version it could always be updated
  12. if only i knew how to translate sheet music I'd be pumping out songs right now lol the jaws theme is just one that comes to mine
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