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  1. *cough* *cough* i guess now its a ban for a longer time HOPEFULLY !! ty devs
  2. The game is early access and u paid the half price. No one ifs forcing u to play a buggy EA !! And when u think its an ez task to spawn a ship back than u are wrong and the other problem is... when they d it for one, everyone wants this service and this is not managable. I prefer GS is putting game in development and not in caring for bullshit ppl like u ! U actually dont even deserve any help... U mindset is literarilly disgusting...
  3. That would be a great thing or yust hosting it on a EU based server if its based in NA atm...
  4. Propably deserved! Finally something goes in the right direction!! cyaaa
  5. The only reason why ppl spam like that is that they want prevent trolls from coming and building to close to your own buildings or keeping ressource spots free so no one can close them up just for their own... I had it now already 4 times that i made space for ppl they told me to be very active and they will use the spot bla bla bla... okay its fine i like sharing thats not the point... after 2 days they where gone and the base was dead ! This happen to almost 75% of all bases on lawless and thats why claiming is not rly a problem bcause there is a high fluctuation on those islands. U will always find a spot !! Maybe not at ur very loved place but hey leran to make compromises and handle the enviroment. Yeasterday i was looking for a nice spot on a desert island for having more access to recources and it took me only 30 min to find a nice spot and a abandoned base what was almost demo allowed, so we waited and tthan we took that place over and there was free space EVERYWHERE !! Another thing is that ppl could have the ability to communicate... If someone would contact me and ask me if i could share my land i would do it, no problem !! The only reason for the spam are fucking trolls who try to fuck u up and block ur building projects... So if someone need nice neighbours or a nice ally.. we are still searching and u can use all our lands aswell feel free to pm me
  6. Idk if its just me but i dont think so... I tested my connections and im running highend hardware for around 5k and im not able to download the DevKit The host seems very bad bcause im downloading with freaking 50kb/s, this will take more than a month do download that shit xD I downloaded other stuff for test and im running my 10-15mb/s as usuall... I would appreciate if the host could be changed to something with better, WAY BETTER performance....
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