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  1. loileth

    Tell us your dreams for Atlas

    I fortunately already have my dream tried and tested ( no land base everything is on my ship ) unfortunately I had to do this on PVE to test it as nothing lasts long in PVP.
  2. loileth


    Same for me got 2 on sails and 14 on cannons and had to shift+N to get the ones of cannons im on EU PVE also.
  3. Im on the EU Sirines call official server btw forgot to mention that beffor
  4. got back in finaly yay lol but still was not that bothered tbh it happened in ARK aswell having to restart due to a bug or two have to expect it in early access the dev team realy are doing a grate gob considering it has went from unplayable at launch to where it is now I honestly would still give it a 10/10 even in its current build realy love the game. in ARK I played on the center map and built raft bases this game gives me all I loved in ARK and more.
  5. the game crashed while I was going from L8 to L9 was there picking up some stuff at the freeport then on my way back home to L9 I passed through the zone border the game crashed and I got a crash report now I cant login and the game was working grate haven't had any problems up till now realy sucks to had allmoast finished building my new sloop at my shipyard the one you get from the freeport is good but the carywait is to low. Anyway iv tried and tried to get back in but nouthing works it just keeps saying timeout then the game stops responding never had this happen beffor and my computer is more than capable of running the game plays perfectly no lag no bad frame rate nothing I realy don't get it. I realy love the game and if I need to start a new character I will but it would be a shame to lose all iv already done just hit lvl 31 last night and got a realy nice little base setup at the lonely tower in L9