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    Where's the DEV Kit Grapeshot?

    All of you whining and b***hing and complaining. Just stop already. Patience truly is a virtue, and you obviously don't have that either. If you think you can do it any better, go make a game yourself and do it. Otherwise, STFU already. Devs do their best, trying to understand why there are bugs in the first place, and get them tweaked and worked on is a job in itself. You think a house that's built from the ground up, brand new, won't have flaws? Why do you think homes get Warranty Deeds for 1-2 years when it's first bought? Same thing, to warranty the workmanship, to improve imperfections. And it takes time. You seriously have no clue if all you do is complain and whine. You are not a true person that understands development and production. Until you do, STFU. But on the other hand, if you did, you wouldn't be sitting here complaining and whining like a little B****. Tired of you being the amateurs and stating they are. It's early access for a reason, so people can help report the bugs they don't see right off the bat either. Now sit back, be patient, be grateful they even made the damn game, and wait for things to fall in to place just like any other game out there. Even new games on consoles get updates, its why they made games to be played on a console without needing the CD/DVD all the time so they could update them and the content. It happens every day, it's nothing new, get off your high horse and just be patient. Last thing, just like @Fractal Shard stated: "Educate yourself." If you know how, but seeing your complaints here tell me you don't even know how to do that either. 'Nuf said. I won't be responding to any replies to my thread as I feel this was a waste of time already for the puny intellects around here to begin with. So if you have something hateful to say in reply, don't worry, I won't be reading it, so don't waste your precious time any more of begging for dev kits and for bugs to be fixed already. Oh my word, the world evolves around other than yourself! Get your big britches on already. If you're on here complaining, you're old enough to be wearing those by now, right?! LOL get a life geez!