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    LOL watch the video linked dude, I can't tell if you're trolling or just that bad. This isn't about 'simple learning the gameplay mechanics' it's about a very obvious bug that entirely circumvents the normal gameplay mechanics. If you ran into the side of a "ghost ship" (you meant SotD, there is a difference, not that people with limited experience understand that) with the rapid fire bug you'd be dead, end of story. Get a clue before you post anything else, this is painful to watch. Do you even play? His ship was level 38, you don't generally get that high without knowing what you're doing, and that kind of leveling almost always means you've been killing SotD. Watch the linked video, the rapid fire bug is gamebreaking and imo people who lost ships to it are justified in being pissed. I doubt Grapeshot will do anything about it, but let's not pretend that makes this bug somehow the fault of the players falling victim to it. Blows my mind seeing people talk about 'knowing gameplay mechanics' when they clearly don't have a clue themselves. A brig or galleon (or even a schooner) can easily take on non-red SotD without taking meaningful damage under normal circumstances, the bugged rapid fire isn't 2x or 3x damage it's way, way, way higher and impossible to survive. I don't even need to personally sail out and see one, the video is enough - because I actually DO know the gameplay mechanics lol
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    Ship respec?

    Would appreciate a ship respec in light of the recent changes - I had a 41 brig (seems to be max level? Can't get exp to rise anymore) that I would have put far fewer points into weight on, and the prospect of scrapping it to build another is pretty lame. It would be a good system to have in the game anyway, costing gold or something else perhaps.
  3. Dricht

    2x gathering speed

    It's EA. Tames can straight up vanish. Bugs can get you stuck with everything on you unrecoverable. Your ship can be instantly sunk by whales, in at least one case on the reddit thanks to a rollback. Bugs and inconveniences abound. If you're trying to argue for more grind with the game in its current unfinished state, not only are you apparently oblivious to the issues that currently plague the game, you also apparently don't have a clue what EA/Beta testing is for. They know smacking rocks works. They don't need feedback or testing on that. Grind all you want and let normal players get their ships and experience the rest of the game in all its buggy glory so they can more rapidly address issues.