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  1. If PvX (Imaging something similar to lawless=PVP zones, everywhere else=PVE) and fully supported ship-living is a thing, that might be able to make me come back, even if my company members don't.
  2. When do we get our hands on that airship in the picture?
  3. Eagle Eye - Skill used for crows (or all birds) once the tarot tree comes out that allows you to craft and play a card to throw out a crow on your shoulder and look through its eyes while it circles an area, maybe even control its movement.
  4. Official NA PVE Worldfirst kill. company Jormungandr sailing Bloodoath's last voyage joining in the fight of Atlas Shrugged, Paragon, Lotus, East India Trading Co, Without Divide, etc. vs Kraken
  5. From the launch, the Victoria sailing to find new lands.
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