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  1. they should eliminate survival vitamins, food and thirst and focus more on a pirate game and not survival
  2. the game comes at a point that you don't know what to do anymore, add a monthly story that has a boss with a reward it will be nice
  3. At the launch of the game trailers taught many things that made Atlas look like a unique game. From the content they presented to the high graphics of the game, in the trailer they took another level. but when we entered the game it was something else. please if you hear developers make this game look better or similar than launch trailers.
  4. Iceguy

    ATLAS Roadmap

    the animals you tame with love, affection and sometimes with a little hard. Tame them in the way this game does what it does is that the animal obey you for fear and when an animal is afraid it can kill and betray you. in other words it makes no sense the way to tame in the game is difficult and every time I have to do it I prefer not to play the game to have to go through the process of garbage tame system
  5. Iceguy

    ATLAS Roadmap

    Change the stupid tame system, I hate it. That is the only thing that I want to change. having to almost kill an animal to tame it sounds so absurd doesn't make sense having to almost kill an animal to tame it sounds so absurd doesn't make sense
  6. Can the graphics be like conan?? look like gmode game
  7. looking for treasures by caves or dungeon fighting with monster
  8. loot box for every player fighting and killing the boss
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