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  1. Snowball

    Fountain of Youth Location(s) & Issues

    COnfirmed F8 (EU PVP) for now:
  2. Snowball

    Most of out Ships were Sunk over Night

    The same happened to us in B10 (oxsend island), 2 nights in a row now all of our ships are sunk overnight. We are also on EU PVE SIrens call. Day 1 all ship sof all players (except for a galleon) were sunk around our end of the island. Day 2 only our ships and that of 1 other company that managed to rebuild were sunk (again the galleon was safe...) Day 1 we lost: - 1 sloop - 1 schooner - 1 brigantine Day 2 we lost - 1 sloop - 1 Brigantine Update: It was another company running into the ships on purpose to sink them. The company name of the company on our server is Phact~ Phact
  3. Snowball

    Killing Tames PVE

    i have indeed done so but its still an oversight. Im not looking for a workaround here, im looking for a solution
  4. Snowball

    Killing Tames PVE

    Can we please on PVE servers stop other people form killing animals that are being tamed? So far 3 assholes have been killing the animals that have already been tamed up to 80%.... Seems like this is just an oversight by the devs since there are no repercussions for these kids.