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  1. Will you unban the ones that got banned in S10 for not doing anything :) 5400 hours wasted
  2. Atleast i dont bug abuse like French & Ships
  3. Found this base under water from French and ships on EU PVP you are breathing like you where on land please fix this https://gyazo.com/bc494f1a9ceeb09b3e38651e5062ce0d
  4. Sphex

    Sickle Bug

    Sickle/hatchet/pick give dmg to Shipyards
  5. If they remove the decay in freeport all will have there big ships there
  6. Freeport is not to hide your big ships
  7. The kick funktion when server is over limit dont work 171 on my sector And it lags the server out
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