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  1. Thank you for these posts. I'm glad there's more then one person out there that is willing to add to the growing pile of evidence about this group and some of their members. I posted about this just 11 hours ago:
  2. This was not anything close to skill. I have played sandbox, survival, and mil sim tactical shooters (arma 3) for a good percentage of my life. This was an undoubted clear case of hacking. Their players knowing exactly where you were, and one-shoting you constantly & consistently.
  3. The Asian [Hunter - B] Company Using: Aimbot / Wallhack / Esp 4-5 people holding down and entire crew of folks for hours..... sitting up in high locations on walls and one-shoting everyone over and over and over for hours and hours exhibiting every obvious hacker behavior in the book and then-some. destroyed an ship yard by sitting up high and taking out everyone coming to defend the base. this is has been going on since early this morning and still is going on even now... Here is some of the known hackers and names: Keep in mind this is not just me.. this is me and a group of at least 10+ other people in our company and dozens of other allies. There is far more evidence of this going on and if it is looked into more thoroughly I'm sure these people have every reason to be banned immediately.
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